XL Indonesia Augmented Reality Dance Mob

XL Axiata

  • 2011
  • Indonesia
  • Telecommunication Services

Augmented Reality Event

  • TI Augmented Reality Pro SDK
  • Giant Screen



Augmented Reality , Dance Mob , Augmented Reality Event , XL Indonesia , Event , Street Marketing
XL introduced it's new product of pre-paid phone cards by delivering a magical experience to an audience during a street marketing event.

The concept, inspired by its product’s fun TV Commercial, expresses the excitement and freedom of the telecommunication world in an interactive method. AR&Co developed an Augmented Reality program using a giant screen at a mall in Jakarta. The unique concept is that anyone can dance with an avatar or virtual character of XL Axiata’s artist. This brings to life the connection between the character and audiences ‘live’ or in real time.

The ‘live’dance performance allowing the simultaneous appreciation of multiple experiences and the opportunity to breathe the fun energy of brand XL Axiata.

More than 1000 people were gathered on that one day event. XL Axiata dance mob event was a tremendously successful big event, an accomplishment that AR&Co is proud to be part of.