Volvo Campaign on YouTube: Driven by Augmented Reality


  • 2011
  • United States
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Augmented Reality Banner

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  • iPhone


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    Total Immersion


YouTube Masthead , Total Immersion , Iphone , Automotive , Volvo Cars , Interactive Banner
With ground breaking media advertising, Volvo recently launched an innovative one-day Augmented Reality multi-screen interactive promotional campaign for their new Volvo S60 Sports Sedan. Using YouTube, this most audacious March 12th campaign hit 192,319 clicks on the masthead banner ad and site traffic climbed up by 293 percent.

Providing interaction and game-play to generate brand engagement

Joining forces with YouTube and in partnership with Total Immersion, Volvo are maintaining their reputation as one of the most innovative automotive marketers by launching a campaign centered on Augmented Reality, creating the first YouTube masthead ad with Augmented Reality. The project also aimed to stay in line with a strict budget as new media often run lower price tags than traditional media.

The one day teaser promotion was a clever combination of a YouTube top page teaser banner ads, or masthead, promoting the “Volvo S60 Augmented Reality Driving Game” and a free download of an Augmented Reality application for iPhones, iPad and Android devices.

Users were then propelled into a virtual real-life S60 race mixing their surroundings with computer generated images of a race-track on their mobile device. The app effectively showcases the Volvo brand values of exciting driving dynamics and safety. The Augmented Reality game was developed to include obstacles, such as boulders, cones, and moose, dropping into whatever background the mobile phone's camera had in its real-life sight.

Adding a new Augmented Reality dimension towards ad effectiveness

Such advertainment experiences give users to an original and memorable interaction with the product. Augmented Reality adds new dimensions by letting users discover emerging technologies whilst enhancing brand awareness through combining virtual reality gameplay within their own everyday life environment.

Volvo Augmented Reality Campaign by numbers: More for Less

Proving Volvo's commitment to innovation in the digital channels while respecting a tight budget to enhance brand and consumer interactions were the goals of this one day campaign:

- 61 million impressions on homepage takeover on YouTube on March 12. (Google promised 47 million). 
- 192,319 clicks on YouTube masthead banner ad
- 9.6% interaction rate on Interactive banner ad (Industry standard is 2.1 percent interaction rate)
- Site traffic up by 293%.

  “This ground-breaking initiative is significant to the Volvo brand as it allows us to engage with consumers in a fun and interesting way and continues to position us as a true leader in the digital space…” Linda Gangeri, National Advertising Manager, Volvo Cars of North America