Pringles wins international attention


  • 2010
  • China
  • Food, Beverage & Tobacco

Augmented Packaging

  • D’Fusion @Home
  • PC



Pringles , Football , World Cup , Packaging


The popular potato chip brand was looking for a tie-in with the biggest sporting event in the world, soccer’s 2010 World Cup

Total Immersion partner Axis3D developed an online football game promoting the Pringles brand in China. The Augmented Reality experience provided a unique human interface that controlled the football player via use of the famous Pringles packaging. Timed and promoted to coincide with the World Cup, the marketing campaign drove consumers to buy the Pringles can in order to play Augmented Reality football games on the internet. 

The AR promotion was awarded by French Magazine 01 Informatique as one of the top innovations for the World Cup.