Olympus: A “hands-on”, demo clicks with customers


  • 2010
  • United States
  • Technology Hardware & Equipment

Virtual Product Visualization

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  • PC


  • Mullen

  • Total Immersion


Olympus , New Project , Augmented Reality


Olympus knew a hands-on experience would sell customers on its award-winning camera, but getting them into retail stores proved difficult.

Total Immersion created the world’s first Augmented Reality camera. Working with advertising agency Mullen, the Augmented Reality promotion placed advertisements in Wired Magazine and Popular Photography, offering readers directions on how to recieve a 3D image of a life-size replica of the camera and instructions for triggering the online Augmented Reality experience.  The browser-based AR application brought the camera to life, enabling consumers to explore a full-featured virtual 3D model of the Olympus PEN E-PL1 micro camera, the thinnest digital SLR on the market.  Prospective buyers not only got an exceptionally realistic feel for the PEN E-PL1’s compact size and capabilities, the AR version allowed them to click and shoot their own digital photo. Impressed customers could purchase the camera instantly online, or be directed to Olympus retail locations. 

The Olympus AR experience attracted some 100,000 unique visitors its first month, and repeat visitors comprise 15 percent of current traffic. The application won the Innovator Award at the prestigious Summit Emerging Media Awards in 2010.

"Augmented Reality has been used by companies before, but more as a gimmick than as an actual, working, in-depth product demo. This is as close to having the camera in your hands as you can get without actually having it in your hands." Stephen Mietelski, Group Creative Director, Mullen