Interactive Crowd Stopper at Toyota Avalon Launch

Toyota USA

  • 2013
  • United States
  • Automobiles & Components

Trade show

  • D’Fusion Mobile
  • iPad


  • Saatchi LA, Total Immersion

  • Total Immersion

Toyota USA wanted to create an interactive experience to let the crowds engage with its all-new, American designed 2013 Toyota Avalon.

Telling a Story, Cutting Through the Noise

Everybody loves auto shows. But cutting through the noise and getting the attention of the crowds isn't always easy - Especially when it is the Chicago Auto Show, the nation's largest and longest-running auto show.

Toyota USA wanted to something special to draw in the crowds and to tell the story of how the all-new, American-designed 2013 Toyota Avalon came into being.

A Breakthrough Project in Record Time

Toyota USA's long-standing partner Saatchi LA called on Total Immersion to design an innovative augmented reality experience that would enable visitors to enage with the car's radical design secrets. 

With less than a month to prepare for the show, Total Immersion was able to design and build a hands-on augmented reality experience that leveraged Toyota's 3D designs and dovetailed with an ongoing cross-media campaign.

A Crowd-Pleasing Experience

Over the period of the show, over 8000 people interacted with the media tablets on display. It was especially popular with children who loved being able to explore the car from the inside out using the iPad's gyroscope and videocapture functionality.

Get up close. Step inside. See how it was made. Visitors could do all of this and more. It's not often that a car that generates such buzz is not even there.

800 experiences every day over 10 days. Over 250 journalists interacted with the installation during the media preview.