Haribo: AR proves to be a sweet deal for attracting customers


  • 2011
  • France
  • Food, Beverage & Tobacco


  • D’Fusion Mobile
  • iPhone


  • C4M

Launching a new campaign for its Dragibus candy, Haribo needed a promotion to match its whimsical eat and play! Theme.

  Total Immersion  created an Augmented Reality game around the “Manjouez!” theme.  Accessible through the main Haribo website or on its Facebook page, the AR feature uses movement detection and tracking to let players catch candies with their hand and put them in a bag to score.  In addition to the gameplay, the sensational 3D environment created a fun, immersive interaction with the brand. The Manjouez app was also available for download at the Android Market or Apple Store.  Total Immersion partner C4M developed the smartphone version.

Manjouez! continues to score with Dragibus customers, driving brand awareness and website traffic.