Hallmark: A venerable company opens up a new market


  • 2010
  • United States
  • Media

Augmented Greeting Cards

  • D’Fusion @Home
  • Mac



The 100 year old company wanted a modern, more interactive way to connect with its customers.

Total Immersion developed Augmented Reality enhancements for Hallmark’s new line of webcam greetings, a feature unique to the greeting card industry.  The person receiving a traditional Hallmark card is instructed to go to the Hallmark website, where by holding the card up to the web camera it springs to life with spectacular animated 3D features.  Any way the card is turned, a new range of digital experiences emerge and rotate in full 3D.  

Hallmark started with 10 AR-enhanced greeting cards for Valentine’s Day, but rolled out additional AR greetings through the course of the year. All webcam greetings are available wherever Hallmark cards are sold.

"With the experience available through these cards that come to life with a webcam, we hope consumers will fully explore and interact with this fun new way to connect." -Monic Muldrew, associate product manager, Hallmark