Cartoon Network: An Incredible Launch for a New Show

Cartoon Network

  • 2011
  • Hong Kong, China
  • Media

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  • Cartoon Network Asia

  • Total Immersion


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Launching its new animated TV series Generator Rex, Cartoon Network Asia needed to spark viewer interest and create an interactive campaign.

Total Immersion used its face tracking technology to take viewers deep inside an Augmented Reality experience based on the show.

Generator Rex takes place in a world where microscopic machines called “nanites” hide in the bodies of inhabitants, sometimes mutating their hosts into monstrous creatures.  By logging into the Cartoon Network website or Facebook page, kids can scan themselves for nanites, launching Total Immersion’s 3D Augmented Reality experience. The resulting video of the nanite scan can be loaded and shared on YouTube or Facebook.

The promotion continues to drive viewers to sites that increase engagement in the television series, and enrich the brand and characters through a one-of-a-kind experience.

 "The Augmented Reality application created for Generator Rex application set a new standard in how kids can actually become part of the stories and adventures that define Cartoon Network."

-Lucien Harrington, Vice-President, Branding and Communications, Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific.