Alstom: The power of a graphic demonstration


  • 2009
  • France
  • Transportation

On Stage Event

  • TI Augmented Reality Pro SDK
  • PC


  • Auditoire

  • Total Immersion


Event , Augmented Reality , Alstom , D'Fusion Pro , On Stage Event


With a new CEO driving a new corporate strategy, the energy and transportation giant Alstom needed to make a big impression.

Total Immersion created an Augmented Reality driven presentation for Alstom to share its vision of the future with 700 of its most important worldwide managers. With CEO Patrick Kron directing the experience, a 3D city of the future rose up from the stage.  Though a remarkable series of Augmented Reality effects, Kron was able to hold a hydro-electric dam in his palm, or with the sweep of his hand reveal an underground subway system.  The presentation ended with the dramatic “appearance” of a 2/3-size high-speed train on the stage magnifying the new strategy of the company.

According to a conference survey, 99% of the audience was “very satisfied” with the innovative demonstration and its enhancement of Alstom baselines and objectives.