D’Fusion Studio Suite

D'Fusion is the world's most widely-used commercial Augmented Reality solution. Available for a large number of devices and operating systems, it enables the development of secure-content Augmented Reality solutions for a wide variety of uses, such as interactive marketing, live events, and industrial applications.      

D’Fusion Mobile is designed for high quantity deployment of Augmented Reality on smartphones (iPhone and Android Phones) or tablets (iPad). New optimized tracking solutions have been developed to run on smartphones and tablets. Moreover, a sophisticated 3D rendering engine and GPS based services are available to develop immersive Augmented Reality mobile applications.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          



D’Fusion @Home is designed for high quantity deployment of Augmented Reality deployment (millions of users) on the web or on digital support such as CD or DVD. It runs on many platforms and browsers, which neither requires a specific hardware to run. D’Fusion @Home Web easily integrates with Facebook or over social network platform.

D’Fusion Pro is designed for the deployment of professional Augmented Reality applications that requires specific features such as HD video, multiple cameras, Infra-Red cameras, or specific sensors.

For instance, D’Fusion Pro profits from fast hardware creating powerful images on graphic cards, HD cameras, multi core CPUs etc. D’Fusion Pro is used for on-stage events, industrial maintenance, presentations, etc.

D’Fusion Studio is Total Immersions free development platform of Augmented Reality applications (Free Augmented Reality SDK).

New immersive experiences can be produced completely through Augmented Reality. By using the tools we provide: from the creation of 3D visuals, to the full integration of the media into amazing tracking scenarios.

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