D'Fusion for Adobe Flash

D’Fusion® for Adobe® Flash® gives you the ability to develop Augmented Reality applications to deliver the most appealing AR experiences to the 97% of web connected computers running Adobe Flash.

D’Fusion® for Adobe® Flash® Player solutions are operational on any device that supports Adobe Flash 10.x and provides users with an incredible “at home” Augmented Reality experience. 

This revolutionary visual communication system boosts brand awareness and market share by delivering company brand experience directly to the targeted audience. D’Fusion® For Adobe Flash Player applications offers a brand new kind of interactive web experience.

D’Fusion SDK for Adobe® Flash® is Total Immersions Recognition and Tracking Library. Created in Action Script, it offers a high-performance utilization of Adobe development tools, such as Adobe CS or Adobe Flex, to build engaging Augmented Reality applications which are easily integrated to web sites.