Partner Program: Value Added Reseller (VAR)


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  • Full access to private extranet with demos, sales, marketing and creative support materials
VAR : Technical

What skills do I need as a VAR?

To work with Augmented Reality as a Value Added Reseller, you’ll need 3D and engineering skills, with creative and project management experience.

How is knowledge transfer handled?

A secured extranet containing sales, marketing and technical information is available to each partner. A technical training session is included in our VAR Partner Program and dedicated tools such as Webex sessions, newsletters, etc. are available. Total Immersion can provide additional training upon request.

How long does it take to deliver an AR project to my customer?

Average delivery time for standard web or mobile project is between 6 to 8 weeks.

What are the advantages of the markerless tracking technology?

Markerless tracking doesn't require adding a specific black and white marker for an AR experience and then does not require any change on the packaging of the product used.

Can web applications be integrated into social networks like Facebook?

Yes. D’Fusion allows full interaction with Facebook, and automatic video recording and upload to You Tube.

How do you create the 3D? Can I do it myself?

3D media can be created using Autodesk Maya and 3DSMAX tools. Total Immersion provides developers with a full development suite, integrating Autodesk Maya and 3DSMAX exporters. Autodesk Maya and 3DSMAX designers can develop 3D for D'Fusion by following the 3D guidelines provided by Total Immersion.

Can I create the 3D in anything other than Maya and 3Dsmax?


Is there any specific AR language with D'Fusion Studio?

D'Fusion Studio includes a standard scripting language LUA.

What’s the difference between D'Fusion SDK for Adobe Flash and D'Fusion Studio?

D'Fusion SDK for Adobe Flash is a tracking library integrated within Adobe Tools. D'Fusion Studio is a full augmented reality development software suite.

Can I access tech support during project development?

Yes, the Total Immersion Tech Support website is open 24/7.

VAR : Sales

What would I sell, a software product or a turnkey project?

As a Total Immersion partner, you will sell a turnkey project (an AR reality experience) including a software license purchased from TI. As a VAR (Value Added Reseller), you will do both services and contents. Please have a look on the following matrix.

What kind of customers are you working with?

Total Immersion is working with leading global brands in multiple market segments. Please have a look on our Augmented Reality Project Gallery.

How can I use AR?

  Total Immersion AR platforms serves several markets: Marketing/Advertising

  • Advertgaming
  • Event/Retail/Outdoor promotion
  • Online/Mobile marketing
  • Product goods and packaging


  • Toys
  • Gaming • Publishing
  • Theme Parks
  • Museums

Utility Applications

  • Healthcare
  • Product Design and 3D
  • Industry
  • Education
  • Mobility


Where do I see my revenue?

If you become a VAR, revenue comes through services provided by media creator, scripting/project manager) + margin on license

Is your software “multiplatform ready”?

Yes. Total Immersions proprietary D’Fusion software works on many screens (kiosk, laptop, mobile, tablet) and it supports many operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, IoS, Android, Linux)

Why TI is better than other AR software providers?

As the pioneer and global leader in Augmented Reality, Total Immersion provides the most widely used commercial AR platform in the world with more than 900 projects delivered since 2008. TI remains committed to developing the strongest AR technology on the market and delivering the most sophisticated online and mobile solutions for our partners.

What is my commitment level if I become a partner?

There is no commitment level in terms of sales. Of course, Total Immersion‘s dedicated Indirect Sales Team is behind you to develop your business with D’Fusion.

How is Total Immersion staying ahead?

Total Immersion is a software editor, with a roadmap of products that closely follow market demand. D’Fusion software releases are planned at least every 6 months. With more than 25% of the total workforce engaged in R&D, Total Immersion maintains the most advanced product in Augmented Reality.

Do I need to come to France for the training?

No, inter-company training sessions are provided in each region. Specific intra-company training session is available upon request.

Can I start as an AR Agency & upgrade later as a VAR and pay only the difference


What kind of partners do you already have?

Total Immersion has partners specializing in mobile application, events, industry, IT services company, digital signage and advertising. We work with companies ranging in size from 2 to 4,000 people. Please have a look on our Partner Directory.

Why are you looking for new partners?

To support our international growth, Total Immersion seeks new partnerships in new countries, and in existing countries where partners provide specialization for dedicated markets.

Where will I be able to sell?

You will be able to sell in the countries as defined in the agreement.

Does my yearly contract let me access all new version of D'Fusion Software and technical support?

Yes, both of are included in the yearly renewal fee.

What is the average cost of an augmented reality project?

An AR project includes 2 different items: Services (Media Creation, Scripting, Test and Project Management) and Licenses. Costs and services depend on complexity of the project, license cost depends on type of project (web, mobile, kiosk etc.).

How does the process work?

Phase 1: Campaign Kick-Off. Total Immersion works with the client to develop the augmented reality scenario: scope out the project: document key timelines, goals, deliverables, messaging. Develop and confirm scenario storyboards.

Phase 2: Content Creation. Media artists develop assets for a custom solution: source sound effects, video files and other assets. Create media content and animation. Validate and test the content

Phase 3: Programming Engineers customize the solution through D’Fusion® scripting, where the interactivity of the user experience is developed. Develop scenario and game play. Validate final result

Phase 4: Final delivery Final version is tested and then integrated on the web site for a web project.

How can I know that a project is feasible?

Our Presales team is available to help you on project feasibility.

What are the main differences between the different partner programs proposed?

  Please see the following matrix.

Marketing & General

What is AR?

Augmented Reality (AR) integrates 3D objects into live video. The video is then digitally processed and “augmented” with the 3D components. The digital processing mixes real and virtual worlds together, in real time, to create augmented reality experiences. Click here for an explanation and a video demonstration.

What makes AR revolutionary?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a true groundbreaking technology, able to deliver dramatic visual and interactive advantages to numerous applications. Having initially made its mark in promotions, presentations and entertainment attractions, AR is poised to expand into virtually any market imaginable, including education, information services, medical applications, industrial maintenance, product design and more. The driving force behind AR is the ability to enrich reality with images of people and objects we could not interact with otherwise.

How can AR benefit a marketing campaign?

Augmented Reality bridges the gap between physical products sold in the digital world. Market research proves that the more consumers hold a product, the more likely they are to purchase it. AR solutions enable consumers to engage with products in a fun, captivating brand experience that delivers a true “wow” factor.

Is it expensive?

It’s all how you look at it. Most brands have already created digital assets (2D images, 3D models, sounds, animations, etc.) that Total Immersion repurposes for the media platform (web, mobile, in-store, outdoor promotion). If partners consider AR as part of an integrated multimedia campaign, the additional cost is very low and the assets can be re-used.

What if the novelty wears off?

In addition to AR’s more spectacular uses, Total Immersion is working with clients to develop ongoing Augmented Reality business solutions, delivering new revenue streams, new business models and new ways of engaging consumers. As more brands add AR to their fully integrated campaigns, the technology will evolve into a staple of the digital marketplace.

How does it work?

See for yourself. Go to Success Stories and learn how Total Immersion helped create AR solutions for some of the world’s leading brands.

Case studies
Theoris delivers AR to Industry leaders

As a result of 6 years of collaboration, the Total Immersion partnership with Theoris has allowed them to conquer new markets and attract new clients through innovative Augmented Reality project delivery, especially for the industrial leaders.

Innovae Vision is a Spanish based company specialized in developing technology for interactive communication. Its core business is the manufacture of kiosks and development of interactive applications. 

Innovae Vision was the first company to join the Total Immersion partner network in Spain back in 2008.   Since then, the number of Augmented Reality projects done by Innovae Vision has increased substantially from 4 projects in 2009 to 15 in 2010. 

Thanks to projects realized in areas such as retail, online marketing, events, trade fair and street marketing. Innovae Vision has acquired solid experience and joined the Total Immersion delivery center network.


“Having a vast experience in virtual environments and simulators, AR appears as a natural evolution of Theoris’ know-how and provides us with new opportunities.


Thanks to our privileged relationship with Total Immersion concerning the industrial business, Theoris extends the D’Fusion platform capabilities to meet the most demanding needs.


In my opinion, this partnership is at first a matter of innovation, but it is also a real growth engine for our business.”




Perfect Prototype: Turning Interactive Technologies into Engaging Audience Experiences

The quality, flexibility, and reliability of Total Immersion’s Augmented Reality technology allow Perfect Prototype to design and engineer amazing creations for clients.


“We have forged an integrated team over the past nine years of keenly visual and highly skilled, interactive specialists. With the combination of exceptional talents and a focus on user experience, Perfect Prototype successfully converts client ambitions into engaging stories told through powerfully simple technology.


Our interactive products and services range from augmented reality to sliding monitors, from Internet-driven haptic devices to 3D creations, and from mobile applications to augmented mapping.” 


Matt Browning
CEO Perfect Prototype LLC

Innovae Vision: Augmented Reality leader in Spain

Innovae Vision is a Spanish based company specialized in developing technology for interactive communication. Its core business is the manufacture of kiosks and development of interactive applications. 


Innovae Vision was the first company to join the Total Immersion partner network in Spain back in 2008.   Since then number of AR projects done by Innovae Vision has increased substantially, from 4 projects in 2009 to 15 in 2010. 


Thanks to projects realized in areas such as retail, marketing online, events, trade faire and street marketing, Innovae Vision has acquired a strong experience and joined the Total Immersion delivery center network.  


“In Spain we were quite pioneer in believing in the potential of Augmented Reality technology,  that’s why we decided to join the Total Immersion partner network.  


We have witnessed the improving of the technology and the widening of its use. At the same time our relation with Total Immersion has evolved not only as client but also as provider since we joined TI delivery center network“ 


Pablo Ayala 
CEO Innovae Vision 

Create your own Augmented Reality opportunity with D’Fusion, and manage the production process according to your own business model.

Augmented Reality is one of the world’s most exciting growth technologies.  That’s why it pays to join the world’s largest and most supportive AR partner community.




Become a Value Added Reseller

Total Immersion provides its VAR partners with the best of breed technology and market experience to help deliver dazzling turnkey Augmented Reality solutions, from design to deployment.  Unlike open source tools, Total Immersion is a pure player in Augmented Reality, investing heavily in R&D and able to deliver new features that drive the category.  Today, Total Immersion’s technology is the most used commercial Augmented Reality platform in the world, with more than 1100 projects delivered since 2008.

Whatever your skills – flash, mobile or Facebook app development, web event management or creative agency – Total Immersion can make your Augmented Reality vision a reality.