OEM & Strategic Partnerships

Total Immersion provides the most comprehensive solution for OEMs looking to integrate AR into a fast-growing marketplace.  It all starts with D’Fusion, the AR engine that’s driving the category.

  • Accurate still image and video recognition.
  • Robust tracking and rendering.
  • Most demanded choice for parties licensing an OEM solution.
  • Integrates AR solutions into a world of market segments, from entertainment to medical to defense.
  • Pricing terms based on usage and volume.


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To experience Augmented Reality at its optimal potential, it’s best to pursue shared goals with other talented partners.  Working with Total Immersion, you will have an entire ecosystem of strategic alliances behind you. D’Fusion, the most robust AR platform on the market, delivers a pervasive solution across multiple product segments Goal-oriented collaborations with technology, developer and joint project partners, including:

- Working with Intel to increase D’Fusion performance on all platforms with Intel chipsets.

- Working with Unity to directly support its 3D rendering engine in the D’Fusion platform.

- Working with Adobe to natively support the next generation of the Flash runtime on desktop and mobile devices.      

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Building a better Augmented Reality together, OEM works with Total Immersion and D’Fusion to create market-ready third party products.





Building a better Augmented Reality together