CES 2012 - Texas Instruments forges ahead in Augmented Reality


CES 2012 - Texas Instruments forges ahead in Augmented Reality

Feature-rich augmented reality software development kits leverage TI's OMAP processors, empowering developers to create mobile AR experiences that finally leap from fun to relevant


LAS VEGAS, Jan. 10, 2012 - Reiterating its commitment to fuel best-in-class user experiences, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) today underscored strategic relationships with metaio and Total Immersion, aimed at bringing augmented reality (AR) capabilities to life on TI's market-leading OMAP processors. Both companies are providing AR software development kits (SDK), optimized to work on TI's OMAP processors, which now makes it easier than ever to implement next-generation, immersive AR applications. This time, the collaborative efforts place the smart-multicore OMAP processors at the heart of award-winning AR advancements, and bring breakthrough AR design capabilities to a broader range of OEMs and developers. Exciting apps built using these SDKs are on display this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in TI's meeting space (N116, North Hall).

"Our strategic partnerships with metaio and Total Immersion enable their AR SDKs to leverage the on-chip dedicated camera sub-system and hardware-accelerated computer vision libraries unique to the OMAP platform's smart multicore architecture," said Fred Cohen, director, OMAP user experience team, TI. "These innovators are at the forefront of their industry. In addition to differentiated technical capabilities, our work with metaio and Total Immersion introduces an unprecedented set of tools and access as well as professional support from each company, empowering developers to bring a new era of AR-based eCommerce applications to life."

The OMAP-processor-optimized metaio Mobile SDK includes patented gravity awareness visual tracking technology for 2D and 3D objects, which ensure more natural, intuitive and realistic AR experiences. Total Immersion's D'Fusion AR platform, leverages the OMAP platform's processing speed for lightning-fast image recognition, rendering capability and extraordinary tracking abilities.

"We are thrilled to work with TI to make it easier and faster for developers to enable the most sought-after, futuristic AR capabilities imaginable. Our new gravity awareness feature and award-winning visual tracking technology for 2D and 3D objects pair with the OMAP processor to deliver natural, intuitive AR features that consumers demand." – Dr. Thomas Alt, CEO, metaio

"Collaborating with TI on our AR SDK ensures that D'Fusion® offers a best-in-class AR solution for mobile AR development. The OMAP processors have what our developers demand in terms of performance and optimization with TI's smart multicore OMAP architecture. It makes existing AR applications better and faster, and will also enable new and exciting apps in markets thirsty for what AR capabilities have to offer." – Bruno Uzzan, CEO and Co-Founder, Total Immersion

These SDKs are available today to developers and customers wanting to bring a higher quality, higher performing, lower power AR experience to mobile devices.

Visit Total Immersion's site to download the free D'Fusion® SDK here: https://community.t-immersion.com and join Total Immersion's developer community.

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