Theoris delivers AR to Industry leaders

As a result of 6 years of collaboration, the Total Immersion partnership with Theoris has allowed them to conquer new markets and attract new clients through innovative Augmented Reality project delivery, especially for the industrial leaders.

Innovae Vision is a Spanish based company specialized in developing technology for interactive communication. Its core business is the manufacture of kiosks and development of interactive applications. 

Innovae Vision was the first company to join the Total Immersion partner network in Spain back in 2008.   Since then, the number of Augmented Reality projects done by Innovae Vision has increased substantially from 4 projects in 2009 to 15 in 2010. 

Thanks to projects realized in areas such as retail, online marketing, events, trade fair and street marketing. Innovae Vision has acquired solid experience and joined the Total Immersion delivery center network.


“Having a vast experience in virtual environments and simulators, AR appears as a natural evolution of Theoris’ know-how and provides us with new opportunities.


Thanks to our privileged relationship with Total Immersion concerning the industrial business, Theoris extends the D’Fusion platform capabilities to meet the most demanding needs.


In my opinion, this partnership is at first a matter of innovation, but it is also a real growth engine for our business.”