Innovae Vision: Augmented Reality leader in Spain

Innovae Vision is a Spanish based company specialized in developing technology for interactive communication. Its core business is the manufacture of kiosks and development of interactive applications. 


Innovae Vision was the first company to join the Total Immersion partner network in Spain back in 2008.   Since then number of AR projects done by Innovae Vision has increased substantially, from 4 projects in 2009 to 15 in 2010. 


Thanks to projects realized in areas such as retail, marketing online, events, trade faire and street marketing, Innovae Vision has acquired a strong experience and joined the Total Immersion delivery center network.  


“In Spain we were quite pioneer in believing in the potential of Augmented Reality technology,  that’s why we decided to join the Total Immersion partner network.  


We have witnessed the improving of the technology and the widening of its use. At the same time our relation with Total Immersion has evolved not only as client but also as provider since we joined TI delivery center network“ 


Pablo Ayala 
CEO Innovae Vision