[VIDEO] Augmented Reality in HD on the New iPad

Discover AR in High Definition for the first time on the New iPad...

... and see how it compares to iPad 2! Augmented Reality never looked better, and interior design using AR feels more realistic than ever. No doubt that AR will soon be part of the shopping process for furniture, as it already is for eyewear shopping with TryLive, Virtual Fitting Rooms solution , recently implemented on Ray-Ban's website.

This demo was developed using D'Fusion Mobile, fully taking advantage of the device's latest graphic capabilities. At the forefront of AR innovation, Total Immersion constantly optimizes its Software suite for the most recent platforms, browsers and operating systems, to bring the best of AR to the broadest audience.


Ray-Ban's on Board with TryLive Eyewear: Virtual Mirror, Instantly Virtual Try-on at Home

Total Immersion and its partner On Screen Communication have teamed up with favorite sun glasses company Ray-Ban to offer the newest Augmented Reality virtual fitting room for glasses: TryLive Eyewear

Whether you’re looking through the hottest new sun collection, or finding your favorite optical frames, the Virtual Mirror lets you try on as many pairs of their glasses as you want just by accessing your webcam and positioning your face on the screen. Scroll through the collections, compare and contrast which pair of glasses are best for you.  Click your way to your next new favorite pair of glasses through our Augmented Reality application; virtual glasses fitting room by TryLive. Available in 8 different languages, the Ran-Ban Virtual Mirror is internationally accessible. 


[VIDEO] Total Immersion launches a new SaaS version of TryLive Eyewear

Total Immersion, the market leader in Augmented Reality, is launching a new version of TryLive Eyewear, the virtual eyewear try-on application. TryLive offers brands, stores and e-commerce retailers a unique possibility to increase their in-shop and on-line sales.

Thanks to the new version, accessible on, advertisers and distributors will be able to create and to quickly configure their own virtual fitting-room with their full product catalog, for a very attractive price and no technical constraints. The integration to the client’s site is achievable through a simple widget.

Additionally, TryLive Eyewear in  SaaS mode (Software as a Service) offers a set of functionalities specifically dedicated to the optical industry :  shared eyewear catalog, virtual scaling of IPD (interpupillary distance),  multiview to compare simultaneously up to 4 pairs of glasses and geolocation of retail outlets.

TryLive Eyewear naturally fits into the client’s journey: users can virtually try-on a pair of glasses seen on product pages, take a snapshot of the result, publish it on Facebook and share it with friends. For retailers, this means a higher number of views, a higher conversion rate and an increase in turnover.  Furthermore, trying-on-line is a sure way to generate an informed purchase, therefore reducing the amount of goods returns for retailers and grandly optimizing clients’ acquisition costs.

TryLive Eyewear is available on internet, on mobile devices (iPad, iPhone and android smartphones) and is compatible with interactive kiosks located in outlets.

The new SaaS version of TryLive Eyewear will be officially revealed during the MIDO, The International Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology Exhibition on March 11th, 12th  and 13th in Milan (Hall 15 Stand U28). 


[VIDEO] Total Immersion to Demo D’Fusion Augmented Reality Solutions on new Ultrabook™ Devices at CeBIT 2012

Total Immersion, leader in the Augmented Reality (AR) ecosystem, will show off D’Fusion’s capabilities at Intel’s CeBIT 2012 booth (HALLE 23, Ultrabook Zone, F1 Demo) with a demo of an AR Formula 1 game that pushes the CPU of the Intel Ultrabook platform to its full capacity with a rich, immersive scenario leveraging D’Fusion’s computer vision capacities with the simultaneous tracking of the player’s face and a printed wheel for the most realistic F1 race experience ever simulated in AR.



D'Fusion will also be demoed on the Intel Ultrabook platform at Intel's booth at the Game Developer Conference (GDC 2012), in San Francisco. Game developers will also be able to attend a 15-minute software demo of the D’Fusion SDK every day from March 7-9.


[VIDEO] New Markets, New Solutions, All New Designs: Augmented Reality on Orange TV

Mobile Mondays by Orange at La Cantine: A recent exposition of Total Immersions’ services was presented by Nicolas Boireau, Sales Director of France and Benelux. Here he sits down with Orange Innovation TV to discuss the frontiers that Augmented Reality is reaching with their interactive technology all over the world.


From Europe to Asia, new programs such as TryLive, the virtual fitting room, and D’Fusion for Unity, innovative software for game developers are now on the market by Total Immersion. Augmented Reality is on the rise; watch to learn where you can experience it today.


[SHOW REEL] Augmented Reality Games and More on Giant Screens

Augmented Reality is the new buzz for street marketing and it’s popping up everywhere, when you least expect it! From the local shopping mall in Asia, to the downtown centers in Europe; interactive Augmented Reality games gets everyone moving no matter what age. Watch how the crowds dance or play along to the big screens, and have a blast with the dynamic possibilities of Augmented Reality.



Fantastic Success for Orange Raving Rabbids Augmented Reality Kiosk in Paris

6800 photos taken, 1500 votes from 900 participants, 48 days:
Total Immersion teamed up with Orangeto feature a special Augmented Reality photo booth for the Game Story Exposition featured this winter at the Grand Palais in Paris. 

Visitors could experience Augmented Reality by taking pictures with the Rayman Raving Rabbids and posting their hilarious poses on Facebook direct from the screen. Whether it was striking a pose with the crazy creature or taking a group shot with friends, the virtual character booth was a popular stop for visitors all of ages, throughout the entire exposition.


VIDEO - Augmented Reality on Giant Screen wowed Ukraine

From January 7th to the 14th, a Ukrainian TV station "Ukraine" launched a new promotion “A Happy New Year Ukraine” in public locations throughout 3 different cities in order to familiarize with their audience and potential viewers.

1 + 1 Video Design installed augmented reality promos in the cities shopping malls; cheery playful snowmen taking part in holiday festivities and games. All of the chosen images were viewed on plasma screens where shoppers could not only watch but physically interact. Whether it was drawing on the screen, racing to catch fish, or decorating a Christmas tree, all shoppers took home a complementary photo and a memorable virtual experience of the augmented reality snowmen display.


INTERVIEW - Augmented Reality in Asia by Philippe de Passorio, head of APAC


Have a look at Philippe de Passorio (Head of APAC) interview done by Damn Digital in China.


DM: Hey! Can you quickly introduce yourself and describe Total Immersion briefly to us?

Ph: Sure. As Head of Asia Pacific, I oversee the execution of Total Immersion’s market strategies and manage the Company’s P&L operations throughout the region. Total Immersion is a software company dedicated on Augmented Reality. We provide the largest AR platform software to developers and a fully integrated AR solution to the market.

DM: Let’s back to the year of 2006, you were working at Autodesk, and then you chose Total Immersion to be your new start point, what was the motivation? Or, to be more clearly, what is the attraction that Augmented Reality Technology has to you?

Ph: I was headhunted by a specialized recruiting company in order to take the position of Sales Director for a small and unknown company called Total Immersion. At this time, the company had 12 people onboard only. The headhunter convinces me to meet the two founders of the company. After half a day meeting with these 2 “thinking out of the box” guys, I had the vision of how big could be the AR market in the following 5 years. In 2006, you needed 2 big desktop PC and half an hour installation to run a simple demo today, a rich and fully interactive experience can be run onto your smartphone in few second. This half day meeting changed my life for the following 5 years.

DM: We keep hearing new inventions that are based by Augmented Reality Technology. From Games, Mobile apps to consumer products, and also many live experience shows in recent years.How do you see the value of AR In today’s marketing diagram? Do you think AR is already being the mainstream now? Or how far the distance will be?

Ph: 6 to 5 years ago, we used AR for military application (on site training) and manufacturing process (maintenance, assembly,…). Since 5 to 4 years, we are using AR in marketing campaign fir On Stage Show, exhibition, online campaign and mobile marketing activation. Thanks to the interactivty of AR, it lets user engage and interact directly with the brand, increasing emotional attachment to the product. A consumer has 90% chance to buy the product if he have it in his hand for more than 30 secondes. This is exactly what we are providing with AR in Store. We generate an uplift of 400% by using AR in Store.

People always want to be part of the story, and it’s what AR can bring. But it’s still not mainstream at that moment. To be mainstream, we need to create a B2C offer. , New devices with powerful features open new opportunity for AR on the B2C market. We are already working with some major hardware companies to implement AR into the mobile, so changing it from software to be embedded and ready-to-use in hardware.

DM: How far will AR go to in the future? New technology is coming to birth almost by daily basis. What if some day that AR become out-date fashion? How AR will influence everyone’s daily life?

Ph: Revolution will happen when it comes to the hardware. We can imagine in a near future to have light eyewear or lens which display information on top of it. This kind of hardware will definitely open the door to huge potential of usage like self navigation, get information on a product or a person as soon you look at it/him visualize the social profile of a person… AR is using the video camera as a sensor in order to recognize and track the environment. As soon as you add a new sensor to a device like a mobile phone, you open the way for new application using this new sensor. Look at the number of disruptive application using the compass of the iPhone today. Cameras are becoming as important as the compass or GPS in your smartphone. . Marketing usage of AR may fade out or become out-dated fashion later, but the e-commerce/m-commerce usage will be a new start. Involving to the purchasing process is a way to influence everyone’s daily life; user shopping experience may also changes in someday.

DM:As we know, you have grown up and manage the regional team, structuring the Total Immersion Asia Team Hong Kong 1999 (it should be 2009), Can you describe the marketing conditions of AR at that time? And how do you compare the picture of current marketing situation and the picture of 2 years ago?

Ph: I set up the APAC team in Hong Kong in 2009; the turnover of APAC was around 5% of the total turnover of Total Immersion at that time. 1 year later, it increase to 20% and last year 2011, we already hit to 31% of the total company turnover. AR starts earlier in European countries, not many people know about AR in Asia at the beginning. So most of the AR marketing project was following the previous project in other countries, but the market grew very fast and changes from a follower to become a contributors. People know more about AR and they can have many creative ideas on AR usage nowadays.

From your perspectives, what industries or areas that in use of AR application mostly? And which are the most potential industries in the near future? Can you also share some of your work showcases (say, event interactive experience, campaign site, or mobile app, e-commerce, etc.) to elaborate with us?

Around 50% of the projects are marketing-related, including some exhibition and mobile application. 20% is coming from ecommerce and 30% is product related. Product related means we add value on top of a physical product by using AR. For example, we can enhance a children book with interactive explanation and exercises or it can be simple Greeting Cards for Valentine with an interactive and emotional animation on it . We can even enhance the feature of toys thanks to AR animation. The e-commerce part is increasing and we can see a great demand on that. It is part of our strategy today. Besides AR, cooperate with some major operator for providing customized AR application is also our strategy. For example the cooperation with KDDI in Japan – providing an AR design solution (SATCH) for the content provider to produce customized AR mobile application. We will focus more on mobile too in the future.

DM: You are being successfully selling and marketing the AR to business clients these years. From your experiences, what was the biggest challenge you’ve been face with when selling and marketing AR technology to the business clients?

Ph: There are a number of challenges we got so far for selling AR to the china market.
1) Still many people don’t really understand AR, so we need to explain a lot on that.
2) It’s difficult to recruit the right talent to work on an AR project.. AR is new and not many records can trace back.
3) Asia market is too big and very different. We need to work a lot on localization, make it adopts to different local market
4) Corporate company sometimes is scared to try new thing, but following something which is already existed.

DM: As a worldwide leader in Augmented Reality solutions, what do you think that set Total Immersion apart from other AR technology companies?

Ph: Today we are the leader in Augmented Reality; we are the largest in term of number of people, number of project delivered (2 projects was delivered every day in 2011), amount of revenue. We also got the biggest team on R&D focusing on AR only. We have 6 offices around the world, more than 135 officials Value Added Reseller which are present in 35 countries. We are doing 85% of our revenue in international. Our software platform is the biggest actually on the market which can handle PC/Mac, iPhone, Android, all kind of internet browsers which represent 160 different hardware/software platform. This is unique on the market to have 1 player handling 90% of the digital platform in the world. When a company becomes a partner of TI, he can execute a project for an exhibition with High Definition camera AND an iPhone application AND a PC/Mac based experience with the same DFusion platform from TI. This is amazing! These are all the competitive advantages for us toward other companies. We are now in a process to acquire new dynamic and innovative companies which are working in the AR market. Our competitors may become our friends!

DM: How is Total Immersion Asia Company now? How is the scale of your team? Would you share some of your latest projects in digital marketing and e-commerce fields?

Ph: We have office in Tokyo and Hong Kong, also a subcontractor team in Shanghai. Our team is composing of marketing, sales and professional services people.

DM: Do you have a team working on scientifically research and innovation? What is the percentage ratio that technique professions to others? How do you motivates your team being innovative always?

Ph: Innovation is a day to day process in our company and is part of our DNA. The talent we are recruiting already have this will of innovation in themselves. So, we don’t need to motivate them. But, in the meantime, we need to capture innovative ideas within the company and bring the bests ones to the market. To do so, we organize every month an “Innovation Sharing Session” in which anybody in the company, from the technical engineer to the sales manager, come with his idea and present it to the management team for 20mn. It can be a new feature in the product, a new usage of an existing application or any kind of idea which can bring AR to an other level.

DM: How do you recruit stuff? Is it difficult to find talents in AR-Tech related professions ? Do you accept layman or green hand and grow them up being a professional AR professionals? Share some of your experience/opinions with us please.

Ph: We use specialized headhunter to recruit people, and it takes around 3 months with intensive search to find the right person. We definitely prefer to hire a green hand which has potential and passion in his work than an experienced guy with no growth potential and no passion. We are looking for people who are able to go out of their comfort zone. You know, we have done 600% growth in 2 years in APAC. Only a high potential team can support this huge growth and grow with the company. As an example, we hired a fresh grad engineer 9 months ago to work on different projects. He has done a great job during these 9 months and now, we gave him more responsibility. He is in charge of managing a network of subcontractor which represents the equivalent of 20 engineers.

DM: What’s your plan for Total Immersion Asia in the near future? What will be the biggest challenge you are going to face by your prospective?

Ph: In our 2 years plan, we will expand the China team, open office in Korea and hope to achieve 50% of Total Immersion overall revenue. In order to do that, we will need to strengthen our Strategic Alliances in local region. For example, we have signed a strategic Alliance with KDDI in Japan; Texas Instrument in Italy, Intel, Adobe and eBay in the US. We will probably follow this path in Asian region too.

DM: How about your business in China? As far as we know, Total immersion is working close with China frequently, especially the mainland China Market. How do you see its marketing potentiality?

Ph: The business in China is growing; it represents 30% of the APAC revenue now. We hope it can increase to 50% in the future. China got a lot of potential as e-commerce and mobile ecommerce is also very strong in the market, we already contacting with the major ecommerce players for introducing AR.

DM: Do you have further plan for China? Will you start offices in mainland area?

Ph: Sure, we already got a subcontractor team in Shanghai and we are planning to open our own office there within this year.

DM: Last one, anything or pearls of wisdom would like to share with DamnDigital readers? Please

True innovation changes the way we live. Juniper research estimates that by 2012 there will be 197 million AR capable smartphone on the global market. I believe they didn’t consider the Chinese market in their estimation. This is a call for action to DamnDigital readers to start to work on this promising AR market and find new ideas usage of AR in China. There are rooms for everybody.

DM: It has been a privilege, thanks very much.


Tic Tac® Mints Augmented Reality Campaign shakes things up!

Tic Tac Tibby

Tic Tac® Mints Launches Interactive Advertising Components of Shake It Up™ Campaign


The iconic Tic Tac® brand launched today a series of interactive advertising and mobile experiences for its first-ever 360-degree marketing campaign – Shake It Up™.  The campaign, which encourages Millennials to break from the mundane and explore new, unconventional ways of doing daily activities, breaks new ground in the U.S. with the introduction of the Tic Tac® Viewr mobile application.

The Shake It Up™ campaign comes to life through the brand's interactive TV, outdoor and print advertisements, highlighting quirky facts on routine daily activities, such as "Most Americans spend 13 years of their lives watching TV" and "Eighty-four percent of people always sleep on the same side of the bed." 

The Tic Tac® Viewr mobile application enhances the traditional advertising experience, by enabling consumers to interact directly with the outdoor and print advertising as well as product packaging via a breadth of cutting edge, markerless augmented reality (AR) experiences. 

The brand will also shake things up by debuting a three-tiered billboard featuring an AR experience with an unexpected social twist in the heart of New York City's Times Square.

"In listening to our consumers, we learned that they want to be surprised and entertained. Our response was to create a campaign that inspires them to spontaneously break up their routine," said Noah Szporn, category manager for Tic Tac® mints of Ferrero U.S.A., Inc.  "The 360-degree Shake It Up™ campaign goes beyond traditional advertising, especially through the mobile technology of the Tic Tac® Viewr app, which allows consumers to engage with Tic Tac® mints wherever they are through a medium that they never leave behind."

How the Tic Tac® Viewr application works

Consumers download the Tic Tac® Viewr app to interact with advertising or a box of Tic Tac® mints simply by pointing their device at the outdoor ads, print ads and packages.  It also provides colorfully illustrated, tongue-in-cheek tips on how they can shake up their everyday life.

Each print and out of home advertisement offers different Augmented Reality experiences, such as context on how long 13 years really is, or games that challenge consumers, for example, to move to the other side of the bed.  Tic Tac® Tibby is a playful experience that uses the box of every flavor of Tic Tac® mints as a background for a game where the user scores points by tossing Tic Tac® mints into the mouth of a 3D character. 

Finally, the Tic Tac® Viewr app provides up to 20 unexpected, fast moving Shake It Up™ microgames to give every day experiences or sayings a fresh perspective.  The app was designed by Merkley + Partners and developed by Total Immersion with the goal of exciting the brand's Millennial audience by opening an interesting and different perspective on the world.

"The Tic Tac® Viewr app was born from the fact that Millennials are a digital generation who can't and won't live without their smartphones. The brand recognizes and celebrates this target's desire for exploration and discovery as well as their need for visceral excitement by entertaining them with this totally unique and interactive mobile experience," said Diane Hernandez, group account director at Merkley + Partners.

Tic Tac® Viewr is available for free starting today for iOS and Android mobile devices through the Apple® App Store™ and the Android Market.  The app is also available by texting "MINTS" to 313131.  Standard message/data rates apply.

Launch of the Tic Tac® interactive Times Square billboard

The Tic Tac® brand will brighten the streets of New York City in mid-February with the debut of its first Times Square billboard and a second mobile application featuring AR capabilities.

Consumers interacting with the Tic Tac® Times Square ad will be delighted to find that the application will create a personalized billboard with their image seen on their phones.  Consumers will have the opportunity to share the image on their Facebook page.

To learn more about the Tic Tac® brand's Shake it Up™ campaign and upcoming online and offline events, "Like" Tic Tac® on Facebook, subscribe to the Tic Tac® YouTube Channel and follow Tic Tac® on Twitter.


The Tic Tac® brand was launched in the U.S. in 1969 by the Italian confection manufacturer Ferrero and has been a leading mint brand for 40 years.  Tic Tac® is sold worldwide.  The Ferrero Company was established in 1946 in Alba, Italy.  The company's first product was made with hazelnuts and cocoa, resulting in the base ingredients for the world's #1 selling sweet spread on the market today – Nutella® hazelnut spread.  Since then the company has grown to become one of the world's largest confectionery companies with a vast global portfolio that includes high-quality products such as Ferrero Rocher® chocolates, Ferrero Rondnoir® dark chocolates, Raffaello® confections and Tic Tac®mints.  Ferrero products are distributed globally throughout Europe, North America, Australia, Asia and South America.  For more information, visit or

Merkley+Partners is a 180-person, New York-based advertising agency serving a wide range of major advertisers like Mercedes-Benz, all detergent, Ruth's Chris Steak House, O'Charley's Restaurants and smart car, in addition to Ferrero USA, the owners of Tic Tac. Merkley+Partners is able to offer full-service marketing solutions to its clients and is one of the few major agencies that continues to have media planning and digital as part of its core offering in addition to traditional advertising services.

Total Immersion ( is the global leader in augmented reality. Through its patented D'Fusion® technology, Total Immersion blurs the line between the virtual world and the real world by integrating real-time interactive 3D graphics into a live video stream. Leading the augmented reality category since 1999, the company maintains offices in Europe (France, Germany and UK), North America and Asia. Total Immersion supports the world's largest AR Partner network, with a diversified portfolio of over 120 best of breed solution providers worldwide.

Since its inception, Total Immersion has led the industry in AR technology with over 1,000 executed augmented reality solutions for Fortune 500 name brands and organizations and partnerships with the world's most prominent technology companies including Adobe®, Intel®, KDDI, Texas Instruments Incorporated and HP.