Peter Boutros Joins Total Immersion as Worldwide President

Total Immersion Positions for Strategic Global Expansion


LOS ANGELES, CA- April 19, 2012- Total Immersion (TI), global leader in Augmented Reality (AR) innovation, announced today the appointment of Peter Boutros, Worldwide President.

Said Bruno Uzzan, CEO and co-founder, Total Immersion, “Peter has extensive worldwide experience in business leadership and commercial management. He will be a formidable asset, as we expand our geographic and sector footprint, and AR technology dominance.”

Boutros has held CEO positions at The Vista Institute and Logistix/Equity Marketing Worldwide; and global management roles, including Senior Vice President Worldwide Category Management, at the Walt Disney Company. He is a dual citizen of the USA and Australia.

“Augmented Reality technology is a bleeding edge technology and quickly becoming a part of our everyday lives,” said Boutros. “Total Immersion is at the AR forefront of e-commerce, content delivery and social experiences - we’re at a tipping point of a new phenomenon.”


Atol and TryLive Eyewear awarded for Best Digital Innovation Product

Atol, the French opticians who recently joined forces with Total Immersion, received the Grand Prix Strategies award for Best Digital Innovation Product this week. By featuring the new dynamic TryLive virtual fitting room on their website and on their mobile App, Atol took their marketing to the next level and has since received unprecedented praise. By accessing their website with a basic web cam or smartphones, shoppers can try on all types and styles of frames from any location. Total Immersion continues to specialize in creating innovative applications for clients with their cutting-edge Augmented Reality.


Weider releases New Android mobile Augmented Reality Game

In Japan, Weider releases New Android mobile Augmented Reality Game

Total Immersion’s teamed up with company Weider, specializing in high energetic products, to now offer the newest Android app “Jelly ChargeGo!” This mobile advergame is out and ready to play! By simply downloading from Google Play, the interactive game is instantly accessed and will trigger the multiple levels to play when activated by using product packaging. 

Colorful balls come from all directions on the screen; pop them fast so you can hear the crazy sounds and build up points. All the points you earn will be converted into a new sports games that appear with each level. Play to win, and share instantly with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. 


[VIDEO] Samsung Smart TV AR mobile app

Samsung has just lanuched "Samsung Smart TV ‘AR Simulator’ Application" in Korea, users can simulate the Smart TV in space and experience it's new features with the application. This application is produced by our Korea parter - DesignFever.


Here is the official description of the application:

" You might be often concerned about whether new TV models blend well into your homes. Don’t worry anymore. Experience Smart TVs in your own space with Smart TV AR Simulator.

Samsung Smart TV AR Simulator App offers information on 2012 new Smart TVs models. 
Choose TV models and screen sizes they want to simulate and run simulations. Then you will find the perfect smart TV for your living room. One more thing! Do not miss a chance to experience 2012 Samsung Smart TVs’ new features, including “Smart Interaction”, “Smart Content” and “Smart Evolution”, all enjoying through videos."


You can download the application here: Download here



[VIDEO] Augmented Reality in Tokyo Girls Collection 2012

The Tokyo Girls Collection is the most famous fashion event in Japan showcaseing the seasons fashionable streetwears by domestic brands, and are usually modeled by popular celebraties from variour entertainment scenses. This is one of the most inflential event among the Aisan countries.

This Year, they are using the Augmented Reality techonology to make the event more amazing and attractive. Under the KDDI Satch Viewer, user can see special 3D effect and additional information from the beautiful event brochure.

Besides the AR brochure, there have also apply Augmented Reality in the event:

And here is the video of the event:



Skinvaders is now on Samsung Apps Store


Remember our face-tracking Augmented Reality mobile app “Skinvaders”? It’s available on Samsung Hong Kong Apps Store now! You can download it here.


In order to promote "Samsung Apps Store", Skinvaders is selected as one of the popular application to feature in their promotion campaign. Samsung has pushed a large scale of promotion on it, ranging from printed advertisment to bus panel.





For reviewing our amazing skinvaders app, you can click here.



[VIDEO] Event Wrap Up: Total Immersion on Texas Instruments Booth at MWC 2012

On the last week of February 2012 in Barcelona, the MWC exposition was held where the world’s leaders in mobile development came together to share their technological breakthroughs and product showcases. This year, Total Immersion's corner on Texas Instruments booth was a main attraction drawing in visitors and networkers from over 205 countries looking to find the next new innovative experience.


By featuring our virtual fitting room e-shopping experience TryLive on OMAP platform, anyone could stop by and explore the possibilities with Augmented Reality. Our Ray-Ban product showcase demo provided visitors endless ways of trying on the brands classic styles of glasses. The ability to change colors, models, and add features shined a light on the revolutionizing future of the online fitting room with Augmented Reality.


The TryLive technology available on tablets catched the attention of press sources who conducted multiple interviews and conferences. The exceptional positive feedback from every scale in the industry proved yet again that Total Immersion continues to take Augmented Reality to the next technological level.




Volkswagen Augmented Reality Experience Awarded

This week at the 25th annual Phénix Awards, the reputable car company Volkswagen saw huge success by winning a bronze award for their recent Augmented Reality marketing campaign created by .V. Agency. Presented every year by the union of advertisers, the bronze Phénix award that they won signified the innovative 3D application which was launched for the new Golf Cabriolet model.



This free downloadable application let customers customize their new Golf; from the interior, to the color, even the rims all in just a couple of clicks. By taking a picture of the personalized model of the Golf Cabriolet created by the customer, the public could in return immediately post it on Facebook, share it on Twitter, or send it by e-mail. This sparked a viral wave on Volkswagens website (20,000 downloads of the application and 25,000 views on the video platform) Volkswagen recognized the engaging and unforgettable qualities of Augmented Reality applications, proving yet again the capabilities of cutting-edge digital marketing techniques offered by Total Immersion.


More information on project page.


Feel the wrath: Augmented Reality and new film 'Wrath of the Titans' join forces

Wrath Of The Titans was released in cinemas worldwide on March 30th so for some weeks Play Nicely worked diligently to deliver a complimentary AR marketing campaign that used TI's D'Fusion for Adobe Flash.

The online AR experience allows participants to try on authentic Wrath Of The Titans 3D face models via their live webcam stream. There is a choice of characters including Minotaur, Cyclops (with moving eye) or Kronos himself and requiring no additional plug-in to Adobe Flash you can be trying them out and taking a photo in no time. 

The concept was prompted by the release of disguiseAR, our previous face-tracking application available in the App Store. Fortunately the same technology was portable from iOS to web and we were encouraged by the client to make the most of Flash 11's performance increase as well as pushing the potential of the latest version of Away 3d.


[VIDEO] Intel at CeBit 2012 showcased Augmented Reality on Ultrabook

Watch as the interactive and innovative way of shopping is demoed here by Total Immersions representative. The new Ultrabook which offers the Augmented Reality experience will take your web surfing and searching to the next level.