[VIDEO] 1st SATCH-Ningen Contest in Japan by KDDI

“SATCH-Ningen Contest” is one of the largest AR app contests in Japan, held by KDDI Corporation and Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd.

The competition attracted many developers and 100 different AR applications were developed using SATCH. The award ceremony was held on May 25th, 2012 in KDDI Designing Studio, Grand-Prix winner was awarded with 1-million yen.


Take a look at the 4 featured applications that attracted the most attention in the contest:

AR Roentgen

- Through the application, we can directly see the bone and blood circulating inside our body. It can applied to the educational and medical fields.

The Coloring Book (putting out)

- It's an AR gaming app featuring a very cute elephant.

5 Stars

- To check the book’s grading with your mobile, rating data is from Amazon.

Guns and Social

- Use your face to play quitar and drums.

And finally the AR Roentgen got the first prize and the Coloring Book got the first-runner-up prize. Because of the success of the competition, the organization is planning to hold the “2nd SATCH Ningen contest” again next year.

To view the event in full, visit:

To learn more about SATCH, visit:

Other information:
>KDDI and Total Immersion seal their strategic alliance with the launch of SATCH, a SDK for mobile AR


[VIDEO] Rock of Ages AR app allows you to try on "Big Hair" hairstyles

Play Nicely has been working the last few weeks to deliver an original AR marketing campaign for Rock of Ages, the latest feature film by Warner Bros, which is being released in cinemas worldwide from June 15th.

Rock of Ages AR from Play Nicely on Vimeo.

The online AR experience allows fans to try on 3D models of official Rock of Ages “Big Hair” hairstyles via their live webcam stream. Choose from Tom Cruise’s mullet, Mary J. Blige’s fro and Alec Baldwin’s mop among other big 80s favourites, all to the film’s official rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack.

This is the Play Nicely's second project with Warner Bros this year, the first being the Wrath of the Titans AR experience last month. As a way of raising the bar with each release, for this campaign Play Nicely updated the AR system to include a broader range of props (add sunglasses or change hair-colour) and delivered it through a much more detailed and conceptually led interface.

As well as the original email, download, Facebook and Twitter photo sharing tie-ins, you can now also share your new 80s Big Hair persona on Pinterest. This app (build on D'Fusion for Adobe Flash) requires no additional plug-in to Adobe Flash, meaning you can try them on and take a photo in no time.

Try it for yourself


[VIDEO] Zenta Producción and DuPont wowed audience in Argentina

Our partner in Argentina, Zenta Producción just performed an Augmented Reality on stage event using D'Fusion Pro in Buenos Aires to support the launch of a new innovative product.



For more than 200 years, DuPont has brought world-class science and engineering to the global marketplace through innovative products, materials and services. DuPont has been bringing world-class science and engineering to the global marketplace in the form of innovative products, materials, and services since 1802.  The company believes that by collaborating with customers, governments, NGOs, and thought leaders we can help find solutions to such global challenges as providing enough healthy food for people everywhere, decreasing dependence on fossil fuels, and protecting life and the environment.


Total Immersion was invited to have a speech on Tech+ Forum in Korea


Philippe de Passorio – the head of Asia in Total Immersion just finish a speech in the Tech+ Forum in Busan, South Korea. This is the second time that Philippe was invited to be the speaker since 2010.


Tech+ Forum is a knowledge forum for all those seeking creative inspiration by combining technology with economy, culture and humanistic aspects. Hosted by Korea Institude for Advancement of Technology in Seoul, a branch of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, the tech+Forum is a public event boasting almost 7500 attendees over is 2 days run. Since its inception in 2009, the tech+ Forum motto remains unchanged as it continues to bring together “Ideas Changing the World.”


And it’s no doubts that augmented reality is one of the technologies that is changing the world. Orginally it’s seen as a mere technological showcase or just a fad, but now it has demonstrated its pertinence amongst a vast field of various applications and sectors of activities: entertainment, culture, B2B, events… all of which being part of practices now elected both by the professionals and the general public.


Philippe gave the talk in Busan, talking about how AR impact the industry like eCommerce, social media and online marketing in the future.


More information about Tech+ Forum can be found in their website:


[VIDEO] Augmented Reality Takes Kiddie Rides to New Heights

Total Immersion has joined forces with The CTM Group; the leader in children’s rides and souvenir penny machines, found all over the United States, Puerto Rico and abroad. CTM has always tried to stay ahead  of the kiddie ride industry with their extremely successful simulator rides such as the Rollercoaster and the Virtual Racer, and now, The CTM Group continues to  take their children’s entertainment concept to an innovative new level
"We had already wowed the industry with our first ever four way motion simulation kiddie ride for kids, so by adding Augmented Reality,  which allows our kids the ability to face map their faces and insert them in real time into the ride experience, has set us even further ahead of our competitors. We have created a renewed excitement with our existing customer base, and we now offer the children an experience that is new and innovative." said  Stacey Edelstein, Partner at CTM Group, Inc./Kiddie Koncepts. 

The iReality Simulator is an exciting Augmented Reality experience for kids everywhere who can engage and explore different lands on a safari, or collect moon rocks on a space mission. The possibilities are endless with the features provided only by Total Immersion through Augmented Reality.  
"We have successfully installed almost 100 units across the United States.  We have been featured on our client’s facebook pages, we have been included in their marketing campaigns and we are driving excitement and traffic to our previously existing locations. The children love it, the parents love it, our clients love it, and we love it." said Edelstein.


[VIDEO] Swarovski ‘Be Amazing’ Campaign Goes Virtual with Total Immersion's Augmented Reality

15 amazing seconds of fame get a dose of sparkle.


When a brand introduces a new product, it helps to do it with a bang. KKLD* Berlin took that bang, added some booming technology, a fresh beat, and a heavy dose of sparkle.


KKLD* is piloting cutting-edge augmented reality on Facebook to introduce Swarovski Amazing sunglasses on an international scale. Fans are invited to get their 15 amazing seconds of fame by dancing to one of the summer’s hottest tracks while “trying on” a pair of the new shades. Then, to personalize their performance, fans can select one of four sparkle filters to play over their video.



Should fans choose to publish their video, it will be entered to win one of 15 pairs of Swarovski Amazing sunglasses and shared on the Swarovski’s YouTube channel for the world to see and share.





Mister Spex on Board with TryLive Virtual Fitting Room

Mister Spex GmbH, an online retailer of designer glasses in Europe is a Berlin based company that offers an extensive selection of high quality prescription glasses, sunglasses, sports glasses and contact lenses. As Germany's largest online retailer of designer glasses, they are one of the top ten companies in the optical industry today. But what played a defining factor for their turnover of €17 million in 2011 (an increase of over 50% compared to last year’s €11 million )?


“Extensive communication activities such as TV commercials and technological innovations such as our 3D online virtual fitting room, has meant that more and more people order a pair of glasses on the internet" says Mister Spex managing director Dirk Graber. With a 200% increase in 2011 revenue growth of eyeglass sales, Mister Spex has services to more than 300,000 customers. The TryLive fitting room has brought a diverse aspect to their website and created a unique image for their brand as a whole.



Mister Spex mobile app is also available on the App Store.



[VIDEO] Tmall is using AR to demonstrate the future of e-commerce


Tmall, the B2C platform from Taobao has just finished their new logo announcement event from 29th March to 31st March in Beijing. Being the largest ecommerce company in the region, the event has successfully attracted a lot of eyeballs in the market.

There are totally 1,000 people is invited to the 3 day event. 300 media and press from TV, magazine and newspaper. 300 from Taobao cooperated brand clients such as RayBan and Lenovo; the final 400 is from the end users of Tmall platform.

After the 3 days event, it has successfully created a lot of noise and discussion in the internet about the future of e-commerce. There are total 1,362 posts can find which is discussing about the event on sina weibo, with over millions impression. Over 60,000 related webpage can found on Baidu Search which is talking about “Tmall” and “AR” just after the event.

The event is not only for announcing the new logo of Tmall, but aims to demonstrate the future of e-commerce. With the help of 12 AR set-ups, Tmall has showed how people can shop in the future: They can shop anywhere and anytime! There are interactive kiosks, Trylive watches, Trylive jewelry, Trylive eyewear and virtual fitting room…etc. Online shopping experience is improved and with no restriction in the future.




Skinvaders is highlighted in Samsung 2012 Smart TV & Mobile Devices Roadshow

Skinvaders are highlighted during 13-15 April, in the Samsung 2012 Smart TV & Mobile Devices Roadshow at Hong Kong TST Harbour City. The roadshow displaying the Smart TV and also some mobile devices, Skinvaders is highlighted in the mobile experience table with app info exposure on Tent Card. It's one of the highlighted application for Samsung Apps.



[VIDEO] Augmented Reality Event: Exceptional performance at the new Argentinean National Library!

At the inauguration of the recently opened Congress National Library in Argentina, the members of the committee who participated to establish this world renowned refurnished historical building wanted to showcase its spectacular features in a similar dazzling way. Having just what they were looking for, Zenta Producción was excited to create a personalized Augmented Reality project for the special night. 


Presenter of the evening, well known Argentinean actor Boy Olmi took the audience through multiple “virtual rooms” of the library, opened 3D book revealing stories inside, and interacted with the crowd in a multitude of ways throughout the historic inauguration. Notable attendees such as Argentinean vice president Amado Boudou and national senator Roxanna Latorre were a part of the overwhelmingly pleased crowd who witnessed the state of the art Augmented Reality event, which complemented and emphasized the modernity of the beautiful facilities.