Total Immersion is excited to announce the launch of

Total Immersion is excited to announce the launch of — a new website dedicated to its Try On • Buy Now e-commerce platform.
TryLive™ is the next generation of product visualization, virtual try-on and virtual fitting room solutions designed to bridge the gap between physical commerce and e-commerce.
The TryLive e-commerce platform for the retail and e-commerce sectors leverages Total Immersion’s patented D’Fusion® software and builds on over a decade of augmented reality leadership in the field.
The new website represents a commitment to ongoing investment in the retail and e-commerce sectors and will serve as a showcase for relevant customer stories and vertical solutions. 
Explore and learn about this cutting-edge e-commerce solution.


Total Immersion winner of the Excellence Performance Award at OTAC 2012

Total immersion attended the inaugural Operator Terminal & App Cooperation Conference (OTAC 2012) held in Beijing, China on August 27-28.

During this 2 day summit, sponsored by the China Institute of Communications and supported by China’s 3 major operators, Total Immersion showcased its Augmented Reality technology to an audience of over 1000 leaders from the mobile, telecommunications and internet industry and presented how AR brings value to the mobile market.

Total Immersion was the proud recipient of the Excellence Performance Award attributed during the closing banquet.

"We are very glad to receive the award and thanks OTAC 2012 to select us as the prize owner. Also, I am proud to have an outstanding team to strive for the company, the award is belong to everyone in TI." - said by Philippe Depassorio, VP Operation of APAC.

With China fast on track to become the world’s largest smartphone market, exciting times are ahead.

We look forward to attending again in 2013 with further innovations. Hope to see you there.


Updated and Improved D'Fusion 3.25 Now Available

Total Immersion has released an updated version of D'Fusion, the world's most widely-used commercial Augmented Reality platform.

Notable improvements to D’Fusion 3.25 include OpenGL ES 2 support, new shaders, advances in the field of computer vision, and support for the latest OS updates and mobile device features.

For further information and to download D'Fusion 3.25 for free, click here.


Henderson's first interactive AR event for real-estate marketing

In a real-estate marketing first, Henderson Land Development Company has launched an interactive campaign at the MTR Hong Kong station for its seaside property development in Ma On Shan.

Passersby are invited to stand on a designated spot in front of a digital billboard. With augmented reality technology, they will then see themselves by the sea and can interact with virtual puppies and fairies.

"The concept of using augmented reality to promote the residential development is innovative and this striking idea vividly presents the unique features of our property in a very engaging way. The campaign has generated awareness in the market and conveyed relevant message to our target customers in the MTR station." - said by Mr. Louis Li, Assistant General Manager from Henderson.
"We are very excited to work with Henderson to push the boundaries of what is possible with Augmented Reality (AR) on Out Of Home Giant Screen. We are just beginning to see AR usage in real-world scenarios, and the Henderson-Total Immersion cooperation will help accelerate this effort—ensuring resulting experiences are exciting for users."" - said by Philippe Depassorio, Head of APAC from Total Immersion.

Video of the campaign:

Project creative by Bates Asia, technology powered by Total Immersion.


‘The Lock’ brings Augmented Reality into NYC hottest streets and venues

The Lock is a new, free mobile AR application enabling users to discover the city "Gems" hidden around them. Based on Total Immersion D'Fusion AR platform, it radically changes the way NYC residents and visitors can experience the city.

No more Search, Recommendations or Ratings but rather Spontaneity, Surprise and Unplanned Fun!! The app can be downloaded for free on the App Store.

Users share their coolest discoveries while earning points to advance levels and unlock more and more exclusive content.

Some stickers started popping-up in East/West Village and Williamsburg… and more will keep on appearing this week. 


AR meets with Argentinian presidential seal of approval

Argentinian President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner discovered several of her augmented alter egos at the inauguration of the Tecnópolis 2012 science and technology fair.

Tecnópolis features a series of visitor attractions powered by D'Fusion and implemented by Total Immersion partner Zentaprod.


Lenovo and Jun Shen rock the stage with augmented reality

Lenovo recently released a new series of ultrabooks endorsed by celebrity Jun Shek. They also kicked off a roadshow in Tsim Sha Tsui, at “the One” shopping mall, setting up a music stage for people to interact with Jun! Thanks to Total Immersion augmented reality technology, audience members can “virtually” play music instruments with him and even be photographed with him.

Watch the video here:


Spider-Man AR app brings a new level of interactivity to Storybooks

The Spider-Man AR Book HD app for iOS is much more than a storybook! It’s a new interactive application that brings Spider-Man’s story to life thanks to augmented reality (AR). It features an audiobook with texts, AR mini games, AR pictures to take and share directly from the blockbuster movie released July 3rd.

Total Immersion designed the app from A to Z for Disney Publishing and Marvel. It has been available since June 25 in the United States both for iPhone for $2.99 and iPad for $4.99. 

In addition to English, 11 other languages will soon be available for both text and audio: French, Italian, German, Castilian Spanish, Dutch, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese Mandarin, Korean and Russian.

The app includes 6 interactive AR mini games that get you inside Peter Parker’s story. You can wear Spidey’s augmented reality mask or Peter Parker’s father’s AR glasses, make your own Oscorp badge, fight against augmented reality spiders crawling on your face, collect them in a jar, and even experience Spidey’s sense! Additionally, you can take pictures of these AR experiences and share them with friends and family!


Here are a couple reviews, let us know what you think of the app!

This exciting Entertainment app not only has a professionally narrated storybook with actual images from the film, it also includes a ton of fun and interactive photo and game activities to be played throughout this book — your kids are bound to find this iPad app really cool.

The kids loved reading the story and playing with the app and I even took it over […] for our weekly family dinner and all the adults really got into it!

My 9-year-old […] did like the story and immediately told me, "I think I want to see that new Spider-Man movie.

This game is a nice lead-up to the upcoming flick, and includes a host of entertaining features that should keep fans (and their Spidey sense) tingling with excitement.


Total Immersion participated at GSMA Mobile Asia Expo 2012 in Shanghai

Total Immersion participated at GSMA Mobile Asia Expo 2012 in Shanghai from 20/6 to 22/6. Thanks all for coming to visit our booth and we are very happy to meet you all.

If you didn’t get to try our TryLive Eyewear solution at the expo or you didn’t have time to come to visit, you can still try it out at home now!

Please visit to try it out yourself.

Thanks to GSMA for providing us with the opportunity to meet you all and the chance to speak on stage. We hope to see you all again soon!


[VIDEO] Augmented Reality Concepts for Retailers

Augmented Reality offers a great potential of enhancing customer shopping experience for retailers. Have a look at this video reel showcasing best of breed AR experiences in Luxury Retail Industy.

From interactive shopping windows to virtual fitting rooms, the possibilities are endless.