Augmented Reality and the car of the future

With over 30 years presence in the Chinese market, Volkswagen, the German auto manufacturer, is keen to consolidate its growth and connect with a new generation of consumers.
Volkswagen wanted to invest in innovation and to connect with consumers at the same time. The result of its reflections has been a vast consumer outreach project fittingly called The People's Car Project.
Over the past year, Volkswagen has garnered over 160,000 car designs from members of the general public and encouraged over 11 million internet users to register to follow the project on the official website.
Visitors to last quarter's Guangzhou Auto Show were able to view and interact with a selection of crowdsourced 3D auto designs and test drive them at a special exhibit called the 'City of Imagination' - all thanks to the magic of Augmented Reality delivered by Total Immersion Hong Kong.
Visitors to Volkwagen stand at Guangzhou Auto Show experiencing Augmented Reality Exhibit
Using a specially designed augmented reality iPad app, visitors were able to see the designs come to life, take them for a virtual test drive and vote for their favorite concepts.
Company and industry-related information was overlaid within the app to convey Volkswagen's message of corporate responsibility car within the city and society of the future. 
Once again, augmented reality is proving its effectiveness at capturing the imagination and engaging crowds at an auto show.
The next phase of the project will premiere at next month's Shanghai Auto Show where the top ideas from The People's Car Project will be integrated into a winning design.


God of Fortune provides retail entertainment

No Chinese New Year would be complete without an invocation of the God of Wealth and Fortune.

Hong Kong property giant Henderson enabled shoppers at one of its popular malls to do just this. 

Henderson Property in collaboration with Total Immersion installed an augmented reality promotional booth to gamify the New Year shopping experience and encourage spending.

Using face and motion detection, loyal customers could virtually dress up as the God of Fortune and catch falling gold coins and treasure. Players were rewarded with a photo shoot and a printed photo as a souvenir.

The event ran for 11 days over the new year period and over 2800 delighted shoppers participated in this retail entertainment experience.

Watch the experience on YouTube.


Augmented Reality Show Reel 2013 now available

We would like to share with you some of our best projects from the past year.

The all-new Total Immersion Augmented Reality Show Reel 2013 is now available for viewing. The Show Reel contains a multitude of exciting digital marketing projects developed with the world's leading commercial AR solution, D'Fusion.

Discover the experiences that drive business and engage the crowds. Mobile Advergaming, Interactive Giant Screen Events and In-store Signage are all covered.

Learn also how TryLive, the next-generation of product visualization and virtual try-on solutions, is helping boost e-commerce and retail sales across multiple markets including Eyewear, Home, Apparel and accessories.

Watch the Show Reel on YouTube now.


AR Wows Chicago Auto Show

The Chicago Auto Show is one of the world's largest auto shows. And one of the biggest attractions at the show was a car that didn't exist. 
Or rather, it was a car with a powerful augmented reality presence - Brought to life by Total Immersion and powered by D'Fusion!
The all-new 2013 Toyota Avalon is unlike any car Toyota has ever made. It is a car with a design story to tell. 
To draw visitors in and to let them engage with the car's breakthrough design secrets, Toyota USA and its long-standing partner Saatchi LA selected Total Immersion to create a hands-on experience of a new kind.
Toyota chose augmented reality as the medium to tell its story. 
Get up close. Step inside. See how it was made. Visitors could do all of this and more. It's not often that a car that generates such buzz is not even there.
Discover how augmented reality brought the 2013 Toyota Avalon to life: Watch the 2013 Toyota Avalon Augmented Experience on YouTube


Augmented Reality Helping Customer Flow

Jamaican cable operator, Flow Jamaica, called on Total Immersion partner CGR Communications to create an out-of-home augmented reality experience to help recruit customers and acquire leads for its Set Top Box, HDTV and telephony services.
Visitors to the popular Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival 2013 were given flyers inviting them to the Flow Jamaica stand. Once there, they could hold up the flyer to a big screen to control an augmented reality experience.
As an extra surprise, a number of the flyers were specially marked to trigger a special augmented reality experience entitling their holders to a prize.
With many other companies at the festival competing for visitors' attention, Flow Jamaica was very pleased to measure a significant lift in traffic to its own festival stand over past years and over its neighbors.
Find out what buzz was about: Watch the video on YouTube



2013: Augmented Reality on top of the Agenda

As we enter the New Year, augmented reality is the subject of renewed media attention.
French media outlet Journal du Net and the La Tribune business paper have both published write ups on the current state of augmented reality.
Long touted as the future of mobile devices, AR is finally about to enter the second ascending leg of the Hype Cycle - or new technology adoption cycle as described by Gartner Inc.
According to the articles, augmented reality looks destined to go beyond smartphones and tablets and take on a much more pervasive role for consumers and business alike.
Interviewed for JDN, Total Immersion CEO, Bruno Uzzan was quoted as saying:
"The Internet giants without augmented reality technologies are going to quickly take notice of the potential of this new tool for customer engagement."
Explore -  virtual try on and product visualization solutions
We think the future is here.
Links to the original articles (in French):



Adidas Eyewear: Combining Sport Performance with AR Innovation


Adidas Eyewear combines high-end materials with high-tech innovation to bring the worlds of performance and style together.

Adidas Eyewear covers a wide range of sports including cycling, golf, running, hiking, and mountain sports.

Different sports have different requirements and as such Adidas Eyewear wanted to give its users the tools to find the perfect combination of lens and frame for each sport and weather conditions - and of course to provide Augmented Reality virtual try on functionality to try them on before buying!

The app also incorporates YouTube and Facebook feeds to tie into a global social media strategy. Last but not least, a GPS store locator is included to drive users to nearest retail outlet.

The Adidas Eyewear app showcases both the Performance and Originals lines of eyewear and is available internationally in 8 languages on the AppStore.

Download the Adidas Eyewear app for iPhone or iPad.

Client: Adidas Eyewear Austria
AR technology provider: Total Immersion


New AR Guide hot off the press

Elseiver recently published a new Emerging Technologies Guide to Augmented Reality. 
It is both a fascinating trip down AR memory lane and a peek into an augmented reality future. It also explores the forces driving the market in depth.
Total Immersion is present throughout the book and is cited as both the first solutions provider to enter the market and as the current "market leader for AR software and production quickly becoming a worldwide phenomenon."
From the fourth cover: "If you want to see the future, look here."
We couldn't agree more.



New D'Fusion Studio includes updated OS support, exporters, optimizations

The team at Total Immersion has been busy readying a number of updates to D'Fusion, the world's most widely-used commercial AR solution.

The latest D’Fusion update includes new OS support, exporters for Maya and 3DSMax 2013 and a faster decryption system.

D'Fusion 3.26 is now available for download on the Community Website.

New OS support

  • iOS6 officially supported and fully tested on iPhone 5, iPad 4th generation and iPad Mini. D'Fusion Mobile also now supports the new armv7s architecture
  • Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 and Windows 8 Desktop are also fully supported.

New exporters for Maya and 3DSMax 2013

Faster content decryption system for improved user experience

Download D'Fusion 3.26 for free.


Discover AR gesture-controlled product explorer by Braun

To help launch its new Series 5 range of shavers, Braun called on digital brand management agency ARTUS and Total Immersion to concoct a web app of a new kind - the world's first augmented reality gesture controlled product exploration tool!

Braun wanted not only a way for consumers to discover and buy its shavers but also to reinforce its brand values of design and innovation.

Not "Air quotes" but Augmented Reality natural user interface

The web app captures hand movements via the webcam and uses them to control a 3D model of the shaver on top of a virtual mirror of end user. The user can also trigger content related to each of the shaver's innovations.

Watch demo video on YouTube

Try it out on Braun's web site (in German)

Concept and design: ARTUS

Technical implementation and development: Total Immersion