Asia Miles a Minute

This Summer at Hong Kong International Airport, Asia Miles is offering their passengers a fun experience to win Asia Miles.

In the  " Asia Miles a Minute" game, players are asked to strike special poses. Every pose is captured and each day a " Pose of the Day" is upload on the Facebook Fan Page of the brand so everyone can vote for their favorites.

The top-voted player out of all 28 "Pose of the Day" champions will receive the title of “Pose Master” and win 20,000 Asia Miles!

During this interactive game, people can earn miles, share experience on facebook, and win giveaway gifts after the game.

This Giant Screen was created by MCCANN Hong Kong using D’Fusion for Kinect.



Virtually try-on false eyelashes with Augmented Reality

Leading Japanese cosmetics company, KOJI HONPO has released an exciting Augmented Reality application named “Tsukema Camera” that allows anyone to virtually try-on Dolly-Wink false eyelashes with an easy push of a button !

Application features include:

・A wide variety of lashes : 9 types of upper lashes and 6 types of lower lashes

・Easy adjustment : Lashes can be easily adjusted to give you the best fit

・Compare and share: Compare your look “before and after.” Take a photo to share with friends!

The “Dolly Wink” Fake lashes are produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka, Japanese Fashion Model.

This Application is using D’Fusion Mobile

Download the application for IOS or Android


Discover Great Animals with Augmented Reality

Brossard is offering something pretty amazing in each box of their Savane Cakes.  Not only does each box contain an animal magnet, these “ani-magnets” spring to life! 

Brossard wanted to entertain youth by discovering animals from The Savannah using Augmented Reality. 

Collect all the ani-magnets composing Africa, and show them to the webcam to bring them to life in 3D.

Watch how fast an antelope can run, how quickly a crocodile can bite and so much more!

This experience was created by Backlight using D’Fusion @Home.


Intel Appup Offers 2 New AR Experiences

Discover 2 new Augmented Reality applications created by Total Immersion. These experiences, developed for your PC using D’Fusion Studio, are now available on Intel’s AppUp, the digital store for PC software, apps and games developed by Intel.

AR Game Center

In 4 different Augmented Reality games, Total Immersion enhances the real world environment with digital information.

Take the wheel and drive a formula 1 car, win a snowboard race by moving your head from left to right and much more!

Have Fun and share the app with your friend.

Download AR Game Center.

AR Magic Mirror

Try on wacky virtual hairstyles, hats and glasses using Augmented Reality in this playful AR Magic Mirror.
Take a picture of yourself and share it with your friends!

Download AR Magic Mirror.



Play with the New Skoda Octavia Combi in Augmented Reality

For the release of the new Skoda Octavia Combi, Skoda wanted to organize a special event to engage visitors with the new car.

For two weeks at the Central Station in Berlin, Skoda introduced a fun, innovative way to discover the new Octavia Combi with 2 interactive games in Augmented Reality on a giant screen.

The experience starts when the visitor opens the car trunk. The presenter then invites them to choose between two interactive experiences and play with the car.

Touch the rainbow to change the car’s color in the blink of an eye from red to blue and find out which one you prefer. Or, play with the balloons that have just been released. Let’s catch and store them in the Octavia Combi’s trunk.

During the two weeks, more than 8000 people visited the exhibition and had the opportunity to engage with and admire the Octavia Combi.

This experience was created by the digital agency Stroër and developed by Total Immersion using its D’Fusion Pro solution.

Watch the video on YouTube.


Contemporary Art Comes to Life with ARTY Magazine thanks to Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality meets the Art world with a unique, 3D experience developed by OnScreen Communication for Arty - China's most popular contemporary art magazine.

ARTY's latest edition was enriched with an augmented reality experience inspired by Lucio Fontana, Italian painter, sculptor and theorist. Lucio Fontana is mostly known as the founder of the Spatial Movement, establishing rules of creation around the space and the time.

The application engages users emotionally by allowing them to virtually enter a world in the spirit of Lucio Fontana’s work. When users hold the magazine cover up to their webcam, they will experience amazing 3D animations: a virtual screen appears, breaks open and they enter a three-dimensional space.

Two additional issues of the magazine are planned to be enhanced with Augmented Reality this year.

The solution was developed by OnScreen Communication using D’Fusion technology by Total Immersion to bring Italian style to China. It can be found on ARTY’s official website.

Download and print the magazine cover and Experience the Arty experience in Augmented Reality.


Try on virtual Bulgari Rings with Augmented Reality

You are only at 4 steps from your ring!
Bulgari, the luxury Italian jeweler, just launched a new application on their website, “Experience the Ring” for trying on virtual engagement rings.
Their ring collection, Bridal, represents the eternal promise of an extraordinary love. That’s where the magic of augmented reality makes this dream becomes a reality!
Customers are invited to use their webcam, print a ring paper sheet, and see a virtual ring appears on their finger, like in a virtual mirror.
This application was developed using the virtual jewelry try-on solution, TryLive by Total Immersion. The integration was made by Grand Union Italy agency, Milan in the website they developed for Bulgari Bridal.
Discover The Bulgari Bridal Experience in Augmented Reality.


TryLive Virtual Dressing Rooms Showcased at Beijing CHIC 2013

During the Beijing China International Clothing & Accessories Fair last month, 360Fashion invited Total Immersion to showcase its TryLive solution for the fashion industry.

During the exhibition, visitors were invited to step into the TryLive Virtual Fitting Room and Try on China’s top fashion designer Guo Pei’s Bridal Collection dress – virtually!

Using TryLive Apparel, the next-generation of virtual try-on solutions by Total Immersion, fashion shoppers can now “try anything on without taking anything off”.


Experience the fun of dressing up in the latest styles thanks to TryLive Apparel, a virtual try-on solution for retail shops and fashion lovers. Look into the Magic Mirror and try on clothes virtually. TryLive offers an unrivaled way for shoppers to engage with your brand and to promote sales.

Read full articles in the China Daily and in the Culture Mag.


Catch Virtual Bubble Gum with Mat & Calu

Dos en Uno is Chile’s largest bubble gum brand. In their latest marketing campaign, they used the famous characters Mat & Calu with Augmented Reality technology to promote their candy.

Total Immersion’s partner, Rotundapost, created the Augmented Reality mini-game using D’Fusion software. The goal is simple: catch as many bubbles as possible!

On PC, this is a web application. Thanks to face tracking technology, users are transformed into Mat or Calu and have to use their face to pop the bubblegum bubbles. On mobile, they have to point their phone to the bubble gum package to see Mat or Calu suddenly appear and play with the bubbles.

Play the game from your PC or download “Mat y Calu” Mobile application from the Appstore or on Google Play.

Watch the video now:


Shoot virtual ghosts and save the William Peel

William Peel is a Scottish whiskey recognized for decades for the quality and delicacy of their product. Native to the Lowlands and the Highlands in Scotland, the whiskey is barrel aged for 3 years to obtain its delicious taste.

Total immersion has partnered with Change Agency to develop a mobile application using D'Fusion Mobile for William Peel using Augmented Reality in a mini-game.

Download the mobile app and enter into the William Peel universe. Point your smartphone to the bottle and protect it from the malicious ghosts that appear in the environment. Be careful! These ghosts are moving fast. Shoot them all before they touch you. Stay alive for as long as you can to get the best score and possibly win a trip to Scotland and many other prizes!

Download Save the Peel Mobile application on the Appstore or on Google Play.