Silhouette Launches Augmented Reality iMirror


Silhouette Launches Augmented Reality iMirror

Have you ever wondered what you would look like wearing a new model of eyewear? The Silhouette iMirror has been developed to answer just that question. iMirror app users can watch themselves move around freely like in a real mirror, wearing any pair of the famous sunglasses in the Silhouette collection, without ever going to an optimetrician’s and actually fetching a set.

Most optimetricians will also be hard put to allow you free reign with the complete collection of Silhouette eyewear. The iMirror has no such troubles, and even empowers you to change the shapes and colors of your favourite eyewear.

The tech side

Step one is to create a video. The iPhone 4 and iPad 2 with their front-side cameras are the perfect tool for this task. Then the real digital magic happens: the iMirror tracks the face of a person and superimposes a 3D realtime overlay of Silhouette’s sunglass eyewear from any collection, in any shape or color.

Virtual Mirror

For those without a front-facing camera there’s another great app: the Silhouette Virtual Mirror, where you can upload a photo and check out the fit of all of Silhouette’s eyewear models on it.

In both apps, you can easily save photos and share them with friends online.

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