Intel Appup Offers 2 New AR Experiences


Intel Appup Offers 2 New AR Experiences

Discover 2 new Augmented Reality applications created by Total Immersion. These experiences, developed for your PC using D’Fusion Studio, are now available on Intel’s AppUp, the digital store for PC software, apps and games developed by Intel.

AR Game Center

In 4 different Augmented Reality games, Total Immersion enhances the real world environment with digital information.

Take the wheel and drive a formula 1 car, win a snowboard race by moving your head from left to right and much more!

Have Fun and share the app with your friend.

Download AR Game Center.

AR Magic Mirror

Try on wacky virtual hairstyles, hats and glasses using Augmented Reality in this playful AR Magic Mirror.
Take a picture of yourself and share it with your friends!

Download AR Magic Mirror.


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