Spider-Man AR app brings a new level of interactivity to Storybooks


Spider-Man AR app brings a new level of interactivity to Storybooks

The Spider-Man AR Book HD app for iOS is much more than a storybook! It’s a new interactive application that brings Spider-Man’s story to life thanks to augmented reality (AR). It features an audiobook with texts, AR mini games, AR pictures to take and share directly from the blockbuster movie released July 3rd.

Total Immersion designed the app from A to Z for Disney Publishing and Marvel. It has been available since June 25 in the United States both for iPhone for $2.99 and iPad for $4.99. 

In addition to English, 11 other languages will soon be available for both text and audio: French, Italian, German, Castilian Spanish, Dutch, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese Mandarin, Korean and Russian.

The app includes 6 interactive AR mini games that get you inside Peter Parker’s story. You can wear Spidey’s augmented reality mask or Peter Parker’s father’s AR glasses, make your own Oscorp badge, fight against augmented reality spiders crawling on your face, collect them in a jar, and even experience Spidey’s sense! Additionally, you can take pictures of these AR experiences and share them with friends and family!


Here are a couple reviews, let us know what you think of the app!

This exciting Entertainment app not only has a professionally narrated storybook with actual images from the film, it also includes a ton of fun and interactive photo and game activities to be played throughout this book — your kids are bound to find this iPad app really cool. Crazymikeapps.com

The kids loved reading the story and playing with the app and I even took it over […] for our weekly family dinner and all the adults really got into it! justjennrants.blogspot.com

My 9-year-old […] did like the story and immediately told me, "I think I want to see that new Spider-Man movie. Cnet.com

This game is a nice lead-up to the upcoming flick, and includes a host of entertaining features that should keep fans (and their Spidey sense) tingling with excitement. FoxNews.com

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