Adidas Eyewear: Combining Sport Performance with AR Innovation


Adidas Eyewear: Combining Sport Performance with AR Innovation


Adidas Eyewear combines high-end materials with high-tech innovation to bring the worlds of performance and style together.

Adidas Eyewear covers a wide range of sports including cycling, golf, running, hiking, and mountain sports.

Different sports have different requirements and as such Adidas Eyewear wanted to give its users the tools to find the perfect combination of lens and frame for each sport and weather conditions - and of course to provide Augmented Reality virtual try on functionality to try them on before buying!

The app also incorporates YouTube and Facebook feeds to tie into a global social media strategy. Last but not least, a GPS store locator is included to drive users to nearest retail outlet.

The Adidas Eyewear app showcases both the Performance and Originals lines of eyewear and is available internationally in 8 languages on the AppStore.

Download the Adidas Eyewear app for iPhone or iPad.

Client: Adidas Eyewear Austria
AR technology provider: Total Immersion

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