IAKI launches “The Preppy Point of View”


IAKI launches “The Preppy Point of View”


Discover your inner preppy by trying different pairs of Tommy Hilfiger glasses with “The Preppy Point of View”, the facebook app that lets you test your new eyewear before even buying it!

To launch the new Tommy Hilfiger collection, produced and distributed in Italy by Safilo, this Facebook application let thousands of people take pictures and videos of them wearing TH Eyewear. This virtual test built traffic toward the stores, where the actual collection was launching in the same days.

Through the app, each user could pick the pair of glasses they liked and thanks to augmented reality, see themselves wearing them in the video, while they coul freely move in real time in front of their webcam.

Since choosing a new pair of glasses isn't just a simple matter of taste, but a fashion statement in itself, the app then complemented each one of the models with a short sentence, describing your choice and the personality associated with that kind of style.

The videos and photos could then be shared with friends and other preppy enthusiasts, both through your personal profile and Tommy Hilfiger Facebook Page.

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