Discover AR gesture-controlled product explorer by Braun


Discover AR gesture-controlled product explorer by Braun

To help launch its new Series 5 range of shavers, Braun called on digital brand management agency ARTUS and Total Immersion to concoct a web app of a new kind - the world's first augmented reality gesture controlled product exploration tool!

Braun wanted not only a way for consumers to discover and buy its shavers but also to reinforce its brand values of design and innovation.

Not "Air quotes" but Augmented Reality natural user interface

The web app captures hand movements via the webcam and uses them to control a 3D model of the shaver on top of a virtual mirror of end user. The user can also trigger content related to each of the shaver's innovations.

Watch demo video on YouTube

Try it out on Braun's web site (in German)

Concept and design: ARTUS

Technical implementation and development: Total Immersion

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