Walking in a Milka Wonderland


Walking in a Milka Wonderland

The festive season is already upon us. But it’s not all about gingerbread and mulled wine; It’s also very much about chocolate!

Mondelez International (formerly Kraft Foods), owner of Milka Chocolate, wanted to organize something special as part of the 111-year anniversary celebrations of the iconic brand.

Milka hosted a special event at the Christmas market of Vienna during the first weekend of December and has since taken over the concourses at the Berlin and Frankfurt central railway stations to offer travelers some fun away from the hustle and bustle of their journeys.

Mondelez called on brand agency Drewes & Keretic and Total Immersion to provide a Milka Christmas campaign like no other.

The journey into the Christmas Milka world begins on a 2 x 3 meter platform, designed as a giant Milka advent calendar.

Milka augmented reality giant advent calendar

Travelers taking part find themselves projected onto a Giant Screen — 4x5 meter — and can meet the virtual Milka Santa Claus, take part in a toboggan race, or catch candy stars with the help of the Milka snowman. A real-life Santa Claus joins the real world to complete the setting and to distribute chocolate treats and over 15 000 prizes to lucky participants.

Watch the video on YouTube.

"Milka Christmas World" — running until December 24th daily, 7:30 (weekends from 10 AM) – 19:30 at Berlin and Frankfurt Central Stations.

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