Augmented Reality Events for Nissan Juke Energized Shopping Malls and Joburg Motor Show


Augmented Reality Events for Nissan Juke Energized Shopping Malls and Joburg Motor Show


Our partner in South Africa Imajinn delivered Cross Platform Augmented Reality Experience for Nissan Juke. One of the experience is used on shopping mall events and Joburg International Motor Show to display on an iPad an augmented car using a 3mx4m marker.

The gorgeous Nissan JUKE made its eagerly awaited arrival at the Joburg International Motor Show (JIMS) held at Nasrec, near Soccer City. This high profile exhibition is a biannual event and an extremely important auto showcase for Mzansi and the rest of Africa.

The JIMS reveal included a special introduction by Nissan SA Marketing Director -- Johan Kleynhans -- and this was, in reality, the first chance for local journos to encounter a vehicle which redefines so many design conventions of the contemporary compact. The acclaimed musical acts Axene and Skillz performed their unique sounds to usher in an especially good looking car. The Nissan JUKE display included the option to project giant holographic images of the car onto a big screen using AR imaging technology. In addition, there were also two (physical!) JUKES on display to satisfy the demands of visitors who were insistent on encountering the real thing!


At Clearwater Mall, Nissan JUKE set up in an awesome, high-energy position in the centralized Atrium area: grabbing delicious line-of-sight viewings from the many restaurant diners in the area.

The use of a potent sound system enabled JUKE to blast the entire area with irresistible sounds -- and this great atmosphere was supported by powerful banners and holographic images. The net effect enabled JUKE to hold the spellbound attention of everyone within the promotion zone. The most dominant position was set aside for our main attraction: a 3D image of the seductive Nissan JUKE (which formed within a demarcated area) and this was bolstered by a massive 3D projection on the ceiling. On Saturday and Sunday the promo shifted up several gears with stunning performances by Axene (the Sama award winner) plus rapper SKILLZ and a beat boy -- all jamming to the same tune!


It's a massive day when the world's sexiest car reaches the world's Fairest Cape. Nissan JUKE made a big impact at Cape Town's Canal Walk -- and enjoyed a very advantageous setting being close to the Food Court which generated a busy flow of visitors to the virtual displays (which were augmented by a battery of LED and other screens). The Canal Walk phase of the roadshow also ushered in some interesting variations to the theme. Visitors now had the chance to be photographed in situ with the virtual JUKE -- and this certainly got them worked up and enthusiastic! Another fun innovation was the use of flashmobs in the expo vicinity and this certainly got the people into the swing of things -- encouraging them to dance to the great sounds and have a lot of fun in the process! Another innovation was a facebook kiosk which enabled visitors to post comments & photos and also view the live twitter feed. Very appropriate, seeing it's such a talked-about car!

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