Catch Virtual Bubble Gum with Mat & Calu


Catch Virtual Bubble Gum with Mat & Calu

Dos en Uno is Chile’s largest bubble gum brand. In their latest marketing campaign, they used the famous characters Mat & Calu with Augmented Reality technology to promote their candy.

Total Immersion’s partner, Rotundapost, created the Augmented Reality mini-game using D’Fusion software. The goal is simple: catch as many bubbles as possible!

On PC, this is a web application. Thanks to face tracking technology, users are transformed into Mat or Calu and have to use their face to pop the bubblegum bubbles. On mobile, they have to point their phone to the bubble gum package to see Mat or Calu suddenly appear and play with the bubbles.

Play the game from your PC or download “Mat y Calu” Mobile application from the Appstore or on Google Play.

Watch the video now:

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