Volkswagen Augmented Reality Experience Awarded


Volkswagen Augmented Reality Experience Awarded

This week at the 25th annual Phénix Awards, the reputable car company Volkswagen saw huge success by winning a bronze award for their recent Augmented Reality marketing campaign created by .V. Agency. Presented every year by the union of advertisers, the bronze Phénix award that they won signified the innovative 3D application which was launched for the new Golf Cabriolet model.



This free downloadable application let customers customize their new Golf; from the interior, to the color, even the rims all in just a couple of clicks. By taking a picture of the personalized model of the Golf Cabriolet created by the customer, the public could in return immediately post it on Facebook, share it on Twitter, or send it by e-mail. This sparked a viral wave on Volkswagens website (20,000 downloads of the application and 25,000 views on the video platform) Volkswagen recognized the engaging and unforgettable qualities of Augmented Reality applications, proving yet again the capabilities of cutting-edge digital marketing techniques offered by Total Immersion.


More information on project page.

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