[VIDEO] Samsung Smart TV AR mobile app


[VIDEO] Samsung Smart TV AR mobile app

Samsung has just lanuched "Samsung Smart TV ‘AR Simulator’ Application" in Korea, users can simulate the Smart TV in space and experience it's new features with the application. This application is produced by our Korea parter - DesignFever.


Here is the official description of the application:

" You might be often concerned about whether new TV models blend well into your homes. Don’t worry anymore. Experience Smart TVs in your own space with Smart TV AR Simulator.

Samsung Smart TV AR Simulator App offers information on 2012 new Smart TVs models. 
Choose TV models and screen sizes they want to simulate and run simulations. Then you will find the perfect smart TV for your living room. One more thing! Do not miss a chance to experience 2012 Samsung Smart TVs’ new features, including “Smart Interaction”, “Smart Content” and “Smart Evolution”, all enjoying through videos."


You can download the application here: Download here


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