TI Partner Takes Award for AR Brain Exhibit


TI Partner Takes Award for AR Brain Exhibit

The Themed Entertainment Association (THEA) awards showcase projects that demonstrate engaging design and entertainment excellence. Perfect Prototype’s AR creation does just that by letting visitors manipulate a virtual brain in their hands and engage in four “games” that illustrate, through dramatic 3D models and astonishing animation, how hard the brain works during play. Among the game choices are:

- A Virtual Puzzle-Piece Sorter Game

- Simon Says Musical Game

- Catch-the-Ball Game

- Memory

- Matching Game

The entire experience takes place on one small tabletop using a simple 2D card. That’s the impressive flexibility of augmented reality technology. Replicas of the augmented brain, as well as Perfect Prototype’s augmented heart are available for sale. Contact us for specifics and pricing. To see other AR and interactive projects and CEO Matt Browning’s explanation of the advantages of augmented reality, please go to www.perfectprototype.com.

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