VIDEO - Huawei's Augmented Reality Game in CES 2012


VIDEO - Huawei's Augmented Reality Game in CES 2012


The International CES is the world's largest consumer technology tradeshow and it’s just finished in the U.S. in January,2012. Many companies are showing a lot of brilliant products and technology in the show. In order to attract more visitors, they are using all kinds of method and creativity.

Huawei Device is the one who work with Total Immersion during CES, providing an interactive AR game for visitor to engage with them: User will see them in the big screen, with a lot of mobile devices flying out. Then they are asked to “catch” the mobile as many as they can. When they win in the game, a crown will appear on their head and a photo is shot which can be uploaded to facebook. However, a crying face will show if they lose in the game.

Huawei booth is commented as one of the most popular booth among all Asian company and the AR game is very popular during the tradeshow.


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