Total Immersion Collaborates Closely with TI to Deliver a Best-in-Class AR Platform


Total Immersion Collaborates Closely with TI to Deliver a Best-in-Class AR Platform

Total Immersion, the global leader and pioneer in augmented reality (AR), today announced that deep, system-level and low-level optimization will enable its D’Fusion Computer Vision (CV) platform to create best-in-class augmented reality experiences on the smart multicore OMAP™ platform from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI). Working in close collaboration with TI, Total Immersion ensures that the D’Fusion platform will leverage the best the OMAP architecture has to offer for mobile devices.

“Total Immersion’s D’Fusion platform has been a leader in the Augmented Reality market for many years across all platforms including mobile, which will be the inflection point when AR will become part of everyday life for consumers. The robustness of the OMAP platform and extensive developer community made it a clear choice for us to focus on AR optimization,” said Bruno Uzzan, Co-Founder and CEO, Total Immersion. “We are very excited to work with TI to push the boundaries of what is possible with AR on Smartphones, Tablets and other mobile devices. D’Fusion Computer Vision platform optimized for OMAP mobile processors will bring AR developers the most advanced capabilities, in an easy to use development environment.”

The D’Fusion software offers the most advanced features on the market today. The multi-platform support, superior markerless tracking and a single authoring tool offers customers and developers the best AR experience. Total Immersion’s robust CV will bring to the OMAP platform customers numerous augmented reality-based advantages including:

- Speed in image recognition
- Rendering capability
- Extraordinary tracking ability
- 11 years in developing stability and high quality of the platform

“TI is pleased to work closely with Total Immersion to bring the full benefits of its OMAP mobile processor to the D’Fusion SDK. The OMAP platform’s advanced computing, imaging and multimedia capabilities when combined with Total Immersion’s leading Augmented Reality platform will usher in a new era of AR application development. We are just beginning to see mobile AR usage in real-world scenarios, and the TI-Total Immersion cooperation will help accelerate this effort—ensuring resulting experiences are exciting, differentiated and delivered at ultra-low power,” said Fred Cohen, director, OMAP user experience team, TI.

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