Edge Of Tomorrow Augmented Reality Campaign

For the release of Edge Of Tomorrow the movie, JCDecaux Innovate and Warner Bros associated with Total Immersion to offer a unique interactive experience on bus shelters in the city center of Madrid and Amsterdam.

People were invited to transform themselves into a hero by choosing between 3 armors and playgrounds inspired by the movie. By taking a photo and sharing it on Facebook, they can immortalize this moment.

In just 7 days, over 3,000 photos were taken and shared, demonstrating once again the strength of Augmented Reality and people’s interest in interacting with Out of Home.

This application was developed by Total Immersion using their cutting edge Face Tracking technology.

Watch a video of the Edge Of Tomorrow augmented reality kiosk.


Become a Hero of the Dragons 2 Movie in Augmented Reality

Dive into the Dragons 2 movie magic universe in Augmented Reality!

Total Immersion’s partner in Argentina Zenta producciones just released an Augmented Reality action using D’Fusion’s Face Tracking feature.

For the promotion of the new movie “How to train your dragon 2”, outdoor supports were converted into interactive mirrors in several shopping malls in Argentina.

Thanks to the Augmented Reality technology, users can see themselves transformed into the characters of the movie, take pictures of the experience and share it with friends and family.

Watch the video of the Dragon 2 augmented reality kiosk.


Try and Find your Contact Lenses Color in Augmented Reality

Are you interested in colored contact lenses? Let's find the best color lends for your face!

The Japanese company YUKI has released their original brand mobile application including a virtual try on module to find the color of your future contact lenses. 12 color variations are included! All you have to do is to fit your pupil in the guide and touch the fitting button.
The contact lenses appear instantly and you can adjust the position and size of the lenses.

This mobile app was designed and developed by our Japanese partner Emprize Inc, using D'Fusion Mobile SDK and its Face Tracking technology.

Download the app for iOS.

Visit YUKA's website.



Play Augmented Reality Football with Babybel

Play the Mini Babybel foot game and win a tablet!

For the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, the famous cheese brand for kids Babybel launched its football mobile app including a funny augmented reality game.

Point your mobile phone to a Mini Babybel cheese and see the Babybel goalkeeper appears on the playground. Try to score as many goals as possible in a minimum time and win a tablet!

This app was designed and developed by Total Immersion suing D’Fusion Mobile augmented reality SDK.

Download the Babybel Foot application for iOS and Android.

Visit the Babybel website to learn more about the contest rules.


Meet the Indomitables thanks to Augmented Reality

Discover the superpowers of the Indomitables in augmented reality in a mobile app packed with a lot of fun to thrill the whole family.

Open the Indomitables Augmented Reality mobile app, and point the camera to an indomitable flyer or comic book to see Vision, Tweeny, Bigboy, Swifty and Stretchy in action trying to save the world from the wicked villains just in front of you.

This application was designed and developed by Motomedia Digital, our certified partner in Nigeria, using D’Fusion Mobile SDK.

Download Indomitables Augmented Reality for Android.


The First Fashion Augmented Reality Show for Goelia China

For its latest Autumn/Winter Fashion Show 2014, “Mirage of London”, GOELIA China offered a unique experience to the spectators.

Using Augmented Reality technology, the models walking on a white stage were immersed into a colorful London universe, the Ferris wheel, Oxford Street, a bus station... The models were literally playing with the virtual environment for a so realistic and magic effect!

This project was created and delivered by Guangzhou AR, our partner in China, using the Professional D’Fusion AR software for HD Events.

Watch the video of the Goelia AR Fashion Show.


Official Launch of mARker, the Mobile App Portal for Japanese D'Fusion Developers

Total Immersion's gold partner in Japan, Emprize, released the AR portal app named "mARker" for the creation of D'Fusion Mobile scenarios.

You can release your own D'Fusion mobile app with this service. All you have to do is to develop the AR scenario with D'Fusion Mobile SDK, that's all!
It makes you easy and speedy AR project delivery because you don't have to develop the app parts, nor wait for the review from Apple Store.

Also the license fee is reasonable thanks to thel cooperation with Total Immersion.

If you know how to use D'Fusion SDK, let's release your own app using this portal service!
Download the app for iOS and Android.



CeBIT 2014 – Huawei Container-Based Data Center Solution displayed via Augmented Reality

During the latest edition of the CeBIT 2014, Huawei presented his latest Container-Based Data Center Solution using an Augment Reality System to reach professionals who would like to deploy their Data Center in a standard container.

Huawei's Container Data Center is specialized for shipping or logistic and follows the ISO standard in transportation industry.

The Augmented Reality application was developed using D’Fusion augmented reality software and was delivered to Huawei's enterprise division to interactively present the content of its Data Center solution. The sales team has been using it for open speeches, as an interactive kiosk, and on its laptops as a sales tool.

Watch the video of Huawei Container-Based Data Center Solution in Augmented Reality.


Folgers® Hello Sunshine Augmented Reality App Awarded for Outstanding Achievement

Folgers® Hello Sunshine has won the 2013 Internet Advertising Award for Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising from the Web Marketing Association.

This mobile augmented reality application creates fun and interactive greetings inspired by Folgers Coffee. Just choose a scene, and magically become part of the action! Take a custom picture and share it with friends and family.

Available for Download on iOS and Android.

Available on the App Store Get it on Google play

Watch the video of Folgers® Hello Sunshine in action.


Discover Supercondriaque Movie Add-ons on your Mobile

To coincide with the French movie release of Suprecondriaque, Pathé has imagined a mobile application to continue the experience with Danny Boon and Kad Merad.

Fans are invited to transform themselves in Danny Boon and Kad Merad, take pictures and share it with friends and family.

Pointing the mobile camera to the movie poster they will also discover some hidden sequences from the movie!

Supercondriaque tell the story of a man who is alone and hypercondriac. His doctor, the only friend he has, will try anything to cure this imaginary disease. His latest idea is to find him a wife, the big love who will make it forgot his obsession…

The whole mobile app was developed by Total Immersion, using D’Fusion software for the augmented reality part. This app includes face tracking and image tracking technologies patented by Total Immersion.

Download the Supercondriaque mobile application for iOS and Android.