Boost Conversion and Reduce Returns with Virtual Fitting Rooms

Augmented Reality based virtual try-on solution enables shopping directly at home or on the go and boosts conversion while reducing product returns.






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Not Just-Looking, Trying it and Purchasing all in 3D

Just imagine that you are shopping for an item on an internet site offering the possibility to actually wear the model you have chosen, to check which color suits you best and to purchase it all from the comfort of your home or whilst chatting with your friends during your lunch break.

Virtual dressing-rooms are now available with the use of Augmented Reality and a device web cam such as a pc, Smartphone or e.tablets. The system automatically detects relevant points on the body and accordingly aligns items ranging from clothes, shoes, glasses, jewellery or watches to produce a fit in 3D view on the device screen.

The person is able to move to see different angles and in a click to change the color or the model. Many items can be tried on, it is fun, it is simple and if the final choice is difficult, why not ask friends by sending them a snapshot picture or posting it on a social network.

Taking the Mystery Out of Buying On-Line with Augmented Reality

One of the deterrents to online shopping was the concern that consumers could not fully identify themselves with the product when looks and try-on play a significant role in a shopping decision. With the advanced technology of Augmented Reality, consumers are at ease to finalize their on-line purchase or share and compare with friends. A sure sales booster which also plays a role in  creating a buzz effect for the brand or retailer.