Augmented Reality Technology to the Service of Industrial Maintenance

The emergence of new devices such as e.tablets, Smartphones or soon to appear Augmented Reality eye-wear has encouraged the development of applications especially in the area of industrial maintenance and informative or educational geolocation. Uses of virtual reality in systems such as parts analysis and simulation, staff support, layout and construction planning or supervising can no longer be set in the future.




Augmented Reality as a Virtual Support to Industries

The development of Augmented Reality Technology to assist industries with precise site or field information in real-time is today a foreseeable reality to be used in almost any domain.

For instance, a project management in building and construction will be more easily and safely carried out when site managers can virtually view and monitor work in progress in real time through Augmented Reality markers placed on parts or equipment being built.

Pointing a camera to factory on-site piece of equipment can match it to the digital map of the plant and verify it is in its designated location, not only freeing the staff from cumbersome paper layout plans but also providing the operators with virtual reality contextual information.

Industry decision makers can make timely decisions when management foresees how a piece of equipment or a machine once built will fit in its final environment, by merely looking at the superimposition of field data fed through Augmented Reality Systems.

Enhancing Productivity and Work Behavior

It is now a technological feasibility to mix Augmented Reality with geolocation, recognition and tracking technologies. The novelty of instant information coupled with enhanced perception will ensure that Augmented Reality systems play a big role in how people and companies work in the future.