Facilitating Education and Training

Virtual Reality has a long history in military, fire-fighting, medical and industrial training involving simulation exercises. The combination of Augmented Reality innovation with educational content opens up a whole realm of applications.





Enhance the Effectiveness and Attractiveness of Teaching and Learning

When instructing a hands-on course that requires equipment, proper demonstration is key for success. But with expensive, unaccessible equipment, or on the scene situations difficult to reproduce, Augmented Reality can be your new solution to avoiding these costs all together.

It is now possible with advanced Augmented Reality Applications to provide more authentic learning and engage learners in ways that were never possible before.
Each student can have their own unique discovery path through real-life immersive simulations, with no time pressure and no real consequences if mistakes are made during skills training.

Provide a simple way of progressing with Augmented Reality

This technology is able to promote ‘active’ training, both in the psychological and physical sense. It encourages the users to take on diverse thinking perspectives, which should prepare them better for their other day-to-day activities.

For the company, the results are faster, more relevant and more cost effective in many ways than training based on documentation and lab practices.