Inspire emotion in your consumer relationship with character licensing on your product

Embrace technologies in three dimensions with a compelling approach combining brand, Augmented Reality experience and fictional characters to connect with your consumers.






Trigger brand Relationship through Entertainment

The hero who saved a faraway planet has hit high in the box offices, a new handsome prince just rescued the towered princess and thousands of teenagers with her, and a clumsy cartoon bear is making crowds roar with laughter.

We have all wished one day to be one of these Cinema, TV or cartoon characters, to feel the thrill of their adventure and to transform a moment of our day into a fantastic story.
One of the latest must-have marketing tools is using Augmented Reality to associate such a concept to your brand by immerging the user inside a world of fantasy.

Integrate Technologies for your brand Promotions

Augmented Reality now brings you the possibility to tie in your product to a famous character to build a thrilling virtual experience in the form of a story or a game for your targeted consumers.
The user just holds up your product packaging or chosen support to a webcam to sprout the virtual reality animated object through his pc screen. He is then able to interact with it and control its movements.


The concept has already helped to create binding relationship between the consumer and the brand through kinesthetic learning effects.
Possibilities and feasibilities are numerous and can take the form of a 360% cross media marketing campaigns with multiple consumer touch points.