Augmented Reality games, a new way to uplift your product communication

Introducing Advergaming with Augmented Reality enhances your product value proposition by embedding its capabilities in a fully virtual fun experience.







Trigger brand Relationship through Fun

Just imagine how your targeted consumer is likely to react when you give him the mean to directly and virtually control your product, from his home, his work or from anywhere on his Smartphone or e.tablet in a “next thing to reality” fun experience.

Imagine him transforming your branded packaging into a remote control, performing with his favorite fiction character then showing it to his friends and family, or posting pictures and videos of onhis social networks.


On-demand Augmented Reality Games with your product

This is now possible by introducing your product promotional campaign to Augmented Reality.Your product packaging can be used as it, with no modification, no mark-up additions, to create an Augmented Reality game or advergame, which can even be associated to the license of a fictional entity.


Such promotional campaign triggers closer brand relationship. It is aimed either at a young audience, aged 5 to 13 or the immersive scenario is adapted to other public with tools such as or e.videos and linking the experience to social networks.


Virtual Fun in the heart of your Outlet

Youcan also delight your customer with a specific virtual experience in the center of your store or outlet. With an Augmented Reality Kiosk installed in a relevant spot, for example next to the newly launched range of product, your walking-in customer will no longer be “just looking”.

He will become attached to the product within just a few seconds of virtual 3D interaction. Such direct product experience influences purchase decision by 80% and can lead your sales to a 400% uplift.