Augmented Reality Technologies


Augmented Reality is accessed and utilized in various forms. From on-the-road to publically displayed locations, here we provide you with a detailed explanation of the most efficient technologies currently available to permit our Augmented Reality.




Markerless Tracking (MLT): Currently this is the most effective tracking technology which Total Immersion is continuously developing to integrate the software suite. It performs active tracking and recognition of real environment on any type of support (visuals, objects, faces, movement) without using special placed markers. It is more powerful and allows the performing of more complex applications of Augmented Reality. This new technology is operational on stationary, web or mobile devices. Total Immersion MLT, utilizes the latest depth cameras (with sensors able to measure the depth for each of the captured pixels).


Black & White Markers:  The detection of interest points is done through black & white fiduciary markers. The increasing use of publically displayed markers such as scan-able codes on advertisements makes augmented reality services immediately accessible. Total Immersion supports this technology without having the disadvantages of open source software, allowing consumers to engage themselves in your product on the go.


Sensor based Technology: Sensor tags through Augmented Reality allow total immersion and clear reception for users. When lighting is limited, sensors are highly effective and can be used in locations where Marker Less Tracking is less productive. Due to powerful filters, when the sensors send a signal to a receiver only pertinent information is processed and displayed to the individual.


GPS and Compass Technology:  Often used with smart phones and tablets, this type of application takes advantage of the devices' GPS and compass features through accessing high-speed wireless networks. Its appeal lies in providing useful local web-content information and added services in 2D format to user, no matter what location.