Augmented Reality

“Augmented Reality bridges the gap between the digital and physical world”

Original, engaging, effective software brought to you by Total Immersion. Augmented Reality is the ground-breaking virtual application for advertising, industrial applications, and much more. The exciting integration of live video, in live time that creates digital scenes holds endless opportunities. Start here to find out how you can take part.

Augmented Reality takes real-world, real-time environments and adds digital enhancements to enable interaction and convey extra information. The increasingly popular software created by Total Immersion is connecting people from everywhere by offering virtual ways to advance the way the world networks. Click here to find out why.  > What is Augmented Reality?

Our integration of live video with digital information fuses multiple technologies. Whether it’s out on the road with a GPS, marketing with public sensors, or playing at-home advergames with product packaging; Total Immersion brings you Augmented Reality through multiple technological possibilities. See which one works best for your needs. > Augmented Reality Technologies

Offering cutting edge advertisement and applications for companies all over the world is our distinctive feature. Discover our one of a kind development by watching the successful results here. See where Augmented Reality applies to your needs and learn how you can be a part of it all, starting today. > Augmented Reality Usages

Total Immersion is constantly researching and developing how to break the next mold of technology with Augmented Reality. As we offer the progressive marketing of your product today, we continue looking forward to the future for health, education, and more. Click to see what the future holds. > Future of Augmented Reality