AR+ Logo: the mark of a growing industry

Introducing AR+

In a move to standardize the experience of augmented reality (AR), Total Immersion, the global leader in AR, unveiled the first logo for augmented reality applications.
Total Immersion has been working with clients, partners, journalists and market analysts about an Icon we are suggesting to the community.                                                                              





What is AR+? 

The logo – a stylized rendering of the letters “AR,” encircled by a border, with a plus sign in the upper right – is designed to be included on product packaging, and in advertisements, marketing materials and other relevant communications.

What is the need for this type of icon?

The move is intended to accomplish several objectives simultaneously: educate consumers, ease application development for AR providers and their partners, allow for seamless integration with existing solutions, control quality levels across the board, and promote industry growth.

Total Immersion is sensing a real demand in the market for this kind of clarity, backed by an organized, collective effort.  AR is moving well beyond digital marketing. Coming up fast are AR solutions in e-commerce/retail, experiential education and entertainment, medicine and science, embedded AR in durable consumer products, and public safety and transportation, among others.


How do I use it?

You can download complete guideline here.

After several months uses, AR+ Logo becomes mainstream and is used by many major brands.